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Bristol Rovers FC History

Created by silverginger

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Bristol Rovers FC History game quiz
"This is a quiz about the history of Bristol Rovers Football Club. Good luck!"

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1. What were the club originally known as when they were formed?
    Eastville Rovers
    The Black Arabs
    Bristol Eastville Rovers
    Bristol Athletic

2. Which of these grounds did the club play at the longest for their home games?
    Twerton Park

3. Who was the club's first manager in their history?
    Alfred Homer
    Dave McLean
    Andy Wilson
    Percy Smith

4. What is Bristol Rovers' nickname?
    The Blues
    The Spireites
    The Pirates
    The Pitchers

5. Who, in 1952-53, set a record for the most goals scored in a single season?
    Andy Tilson
    Stuart Taylor
    Geoff Bradford
    Neil Slatter

6. Which club did Bristol Rovers sign Trevor Challis from in 1998?
    Queens Park Rangers
    Scunthorpe United

7. Who were Bristol Rovers playing when they set a record for their heaviest league defeat in 1936?
    Northampton Town
    Luton Town
    Ipswich Town
    Macclesfield Town

8. Were Bristol Rovers ever in England's top-flight Division in the 20th century?

9. Why were the club docked two points in season 1981-82?
    Club chairman was found guilty of financial irregularities
    They never turned up for an FA Cup game
    The whole team was sent off in a league match
    They fielded an ineligible player in a game

10. Which member of England's 1966 World Cup winning side played for Bristol Rovers between 1982-83?
    Roger Hunt
    Alan Ball
    Martin Peters
    Ray Wilson

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Compiled Jun 28 12