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Paintball 101

Created by wyrmdragn

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Paintball 101 game quiz
"Welcome to my paintball quiz. Hopefully this shouldn't be too hard for all you experts out there. Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who are the two originators of the idea of paintball?
    Tippmann Pneumatics and Worr Game Products
    Hayes Nowel and Charles Gaines
    Bud Orr and Steve Davidson
    Charles Gaines and Dennis Tippmann, Jr.

2. What solution were paintballs originally made of?
    Water-Soluble Food Dye
    Lead Paint
    Melted Crayon and Water

3. At the majority of fields, what size does a splat need to be in order to be called out?
    Three good sized shots.
    A Dime Size
    A Quarter Size
    Any size counts, even splatters.

4. Questions about games now. What are the two most common games played during recreational play?
    Speedball and Elimination
    Speedball and Center Hang
    Capture the Flag and Attack & Defend
    Elimination and Capture the Flag

5. Who are the two husband and wife team that own MXS? Use Format: ______ & _______
    Answer: (Two Words (Mommy & Atari))

6. MXS stands for Mickey's Xtreme Sports?

7. Who else is very popular among hosting and creating scenario games?
    Mike "Blue" Hanse
    Bud Orr
    Wayne Dollack
    Ed Poorman

8. What is the game called which draws more and more players each year at Skirmish, USA?
    Sorry, no such game.
    World War 2
    World Record Game
    Castle Conquest

9. The major paintball magazine is known as?
    Action Hunter
    Flag Hunter
    Action Pursuit Games
    Paint Your Wagon

10. What was the name of the first paintball movie called?
    In Your Face
    Paintball - The Real Story
    Sorry, no movie was made.

11. "King of the Hill", had an episode involving Hank and the guys playing some teenage punks in a game of paintball. What was it titled?
    The Man Who Shot Cane Stretteburg
    The Man Who Shot Hank Hill
    Paint War
    Victory at Noon

12. If you clean off a mark left by a paintball, what is the traditional term that you are called?
    smart player.
    paint cleaner.

13. Paintball recently took 3rd place in Extreme Sports. What sport took number 1?
    In-line Skating
    Mountain Biking

14. The number 1 rule in paintball is?
    Do not overshoot someone.
    Never remove your barrel plug during a game!
    No Running!
    Never remove your goggles.

15. What famous "Trekkie" led his team in the largest Star Trek scenario game, with his name as part of the title?
    Patrick Stewart
    Leonard Nimoy
    William Shatner
    Scott Bakula

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Compiled Jun 01 14