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Shipwreck - S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

Created by dmbfanatic

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : SS Edmund Fitzgerald
Shipwreck  SS Edmund Fitzgerald game quiz
"There are many mysteries surrounding the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and with no survivors, those mysteries will remain unsolved. Enjoy the quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What company built the Edmund Fitzgerald?
    Great Lakes Engineering Works
    Newport News Shipping
    Bethlehem Steel
    General Electric Boat Works

2. On what date was the Edmund Fitzgerald named and launched?
    June 8, 1959
    July 8, 1958
    June 8, 1958
    June 8, 1957

3. Which theory is maintained in the "Marine Casualty Report" by the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Board as contributing to the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald?
    Ineffective cargo hatch closures
    Stress fracture
    Shoaling or bottoming out on Six Fathom Shoal
    Three Sisters wave phenomenon

4. What was the nickname given to the Edmund Fitzgerald?
    Big Fitz
    Iron Maiden
    Steel Lunker
    Big Ed

5. What company was responsible for operation of the Edmund Fitzgerald?
    Ogelbay Norton
    Lake Superior Warehousing Company
    Duluth Seaway Port Authority
    Zug Island Terminal Warehousing Authority

6. How many tons of taconite was the Edmund Fitzgerald hauling at the time of its sinking?

7. Who was the skipper of the Edmund Fitzgerald at the time of its sinking?
    Captain Bert Lambert
    Captain Bernie Cooper
    Captain Ernest McSorley
    Captain Peter Pulcer

8. On what date did the Fitzgerald go down?
    November 10, 1975
    December 10, 1975
    October 10, 1975
    November 10, 1976

9. In what body of water did the Edmund Fitzgerald go down?
    Whitefish Bay
    Lake Michigan
    Copper Harbor
    Lake Superior

10. What was the last known radio transmission from the Edmund Fitzgerald?
    "We are holding our own."
    "May day!"
    "We are sinking!"
    "We need help fast."

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