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Australian Music in the 1980s

Created by mandamoo

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Australian Music in the 1980s game quiz
"Cast your mind back twenty odd years ago, shouldn't be too hard!:)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The start of the new decade marked the death of an 'electric' lead singer. Can you name him?
    Steve Gilpin
    Michael Hutchence
    Bon Scott
    Marc Hunter

2. Cold Chisel released their third album in May 1980. What was the name of the album?

3. Name the band with the lanky, bald lead singer.
    Answer: (working 'til the wee hours / 2 words)

4. Chrissie Amphlett was the school-uniformed singer of which band?

5. Men At Work had a huge hit with their debut single 'Who Can It Be Now', but can you name their bigger hit released later that same year?
    Answer: (two words - not above)

6. Name the band that had James Reyne as its front man.
    Mi - Sex
    Australian Crawl
    Moving Pictures

7. True or False: Wendy Matthews was a member of the Eurogliders.

8. Can you name the INXS song off their debut album, that was their first Australian Top 40 chart hit in 1980?
    'The Loved One'
    'Burn For You'
    'Original Sin'
    'Just Keep Walking'

9. New Romantic style band Real Life had a top ten hit in 1983 with this song.
    'Send Me An Angel'

10. Can you name the number 1 record of 1983? (Hint: it was released as an EP, it was Australian, and there was very little singing.)
    'Bop Girl'
    'Shaddap Your Face'
    'I Was Only Nineteen'

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Compiled Jun 28 12