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80s Music: Days Of Mousse & Plastic Pants

Created by Nafa

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80s Music Days Of Mousse  Plastic Pants game quiz
"A general quiz involving questions about 80s songs, artists, lyrics, and albums. Put on your parachute pants and have fun--good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the Split Enz song "Dirty Creature", what is "waiting for me just below the surface so bright"?
    Te Wheke

2. Who was NOT a member of Crowded House?
    Nick Seymour
    Tim Finn
    Mark Seymour
    Neil Finn

3. Name the song: "Search for you/You're hat pushed straight/Away from me, your measured step/Heads up, you win/Always too late."
    2 Late
    Fear Of Ghosts
    Speak My Language
    The Exploding Boy

4. This was the lead single and title of A-Ha's third album.
    Stay On These Roads
    West Of The Moon
    East Of The Sun
    Blue Skies Blue Skies

5. Who is the only musical act to appear on "The Young Ones" twice?
    The Damned
    Cliff Richard

6. Who is the be-mulleted singer who stated, "This song is NOT a rebel song..."
    Bono Vox
    Billy Idol
    Bruce Springsteen
    Tony Hadley

7. Who was the first band to perform at Live Aid?
    Boomtown Rats
    Status Quo
    Style Council

8. Name the song: "Pull straws with holy men/Paint all the atlas pink..."
    Where The Rose Is Sewn
    Just A Shadow
    The Crossing
    Fields Of Fire

9. Where was Duran Duran's video for "Lonely In Your Nightmare" filmed?
    Sri Lanka

10. What was the name of Howard Jones' mime sidekick?

11. On MTV's "120 Minutes Tour" of 1992, which 80s artist was not represented by having a member of their group in one of the featured bands?
    Joy Division
    The Smiths
    Sex Pistols
    Sigue Sigue Sputnik

12. Name the song: "Geisha girls with silken curls/Giggle about this guy/They want to comb his ponytail/Become Mrs. Samurai..."
    Turning Japanese
    They Call Me Bruce

13. This video was filmed at a castle using props from the movie "Excalibur". It also featured a Bruce Lee character and an American football player character. Name it.
    Ant Rap
    Swords Of A Thousand Men
    In The Name Of Love

14. The Alarm released a B-side titled "Gwethoch Fii Lawr Yr Afon" which was completely sung in Welsh. Name the A-side.
    Spirit Of '76
    Rain In The Summertime
    Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?
    Sold Me Down The River

15. On the original Hip Tone release of REM's debut single, "Radio Free Europe", what is the B-side (NOT the IRS version)?
    There She Goes Again
    Sitting Still
    King Of The Road

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Compiled Jun 28 12