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Who Done It?

Created by MajorKong

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Name The Director
Who Done It game quiz
"Who Done It? Pretty straight forward. I will give you the name of the movie and you tell me who directed it. You must know a fair amount about international cinema, specifically Japanese, Chinese, British and American classics. Aight?!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who directed "The Big Lebowski?"
    The Farrelly Brothers
    The Coen Brothers
    The Wachowski Brothers
    The Stein Brothers

2. What Texan directed "Bottle Rocket"?
    Owen Wilson
    Wes Anderson
    Luke Wilson
    Future Man

3. Who directed "Near Dark"?
    Michael Wincott
    Adrian Pasdar
    Kathyrn Bigelow
    Amy White

4. A Texan directed this wonderful film. Who directed "Waking Life"?
    Rachel Galligan
    Penny Marshall
    Aaron Russo
    Richard Linklater

5. Who directed "Desperate Living"?
    Glen Milstead
    Sam Raimi
    Liz Renay
    John Waters

6. Who directed "Tokyo Drifter" ("Tokyo nagaremono)?
    Akira Kurosawa
    Suzuki Seijun
    Kenji Mizoguchi
    Nagisa Oshima

7. Who directed, "The Pornographers"?
    Takashi Miike
    Nagisa Oshima
    Shohei Imamura
    Hirokazu Koreeda

8. Which Chinese director ran the, "Days of Being Wild"?
    Chen Kaige
    Tsui Hark
    Wong Kar-Wai
    Zhang Yimou

9. Who directed "The Horse Thief"?
    Tian Zhuangzhuang
    Jia Zhangke
    Chen Kaige
    Zhou Xun

10. Who directed, "Withnail and I"?
    Richard Grant
    Hanif Kureishi
    Paul McGann
    Bruce Robinson

11. Who directed "Trainspotting"?
    Ewan Bremmer
    Danny Boyle
    John Hodge
    Andrew MacDonald

12. Who directed "Small Faces"?
    Kevin Allen
    Kirk Jones
    Bob Spiers
    Gillies MacKinnon

13. Who directed the classic, "Easy Rider"?
    Peter Fonda
    Dennis Hopper
    Jack Nicholson
    Terry Southern

14. Along the lines of Jack Nicholson, who directed "Five Easy Pieces"?
    Bob Rafelson
    Hal Ashby
    Martin Scorcese
    Roman Polanski

15. Who directed "To Die For"?
    Cameron Crowe
    Paul Verhooven
    Gus Van Sant
    Ted Demme

16. Who directed "The Naked Kiss" in 1964?
    Samuel Fuller
    John Huston
    Paul Schrader
    Billy Wilder

17. Who directed "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"?
    Allison Anders
    Jane Campion
    Cameron Crowe
    Amy Heckerling

18. Who directed "The Producers" in 1968?
    Zero Mostel
    Kenneth Mars
    Gene Wilder
    Mel Brooks

19. Who made "Strictly Ballroom"?
    Stephan Elliot
    Catherine Martin
    Baz Luhrmann
    P.J. Hogan

20. Who directed one of my favorite Emilio Estevez films, "Repo Man"?
    Keith Morris
    Tracey Walter
    Alex Cox
    Otto Maddox

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