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Park Avenue leads to Skid Row

Created by Teacherteacher

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Park Avenue leads to Skid Row game quiz
"Skid Row was one of my favorite bands! How well do you remember these bad boys of rock?"

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1. What are the names of the original members of Skid Row?
    Sebastian Bolan, Rachel Sabo, Dave Hill, Rob Bach, Scotti Affuso
    Brett Dall, C.C. Rockett, Bobby Michaels, Rikki Deville
    Brett Michaels, Bobby Dall, C.C. Deville, Rikki Rockett
    Sebastian Bach, Dave Sabo, Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill, Rob Affuso

2. Most of the band members were from New Jersey. Where did they find their lead singer?
    A park bench
    New York

3. What is Dave's knickname?

4. What was the name of the CD that Skid Row released after their self-titled debut?
    "Slave to the Grind"
    "B-Side Ourselves"
    "Subhuman Race"
    "40 Seasons"

5. What was the lead singer's real last name?

6. Sebastian was born whrere?
    The Bahamas

7. Scotti was often seen wearing a chain connecting his nose-piercing to his ear.

8. What song does these lyrics belong to? "Lit up a smoke and did some talkin' with the back of his hand."
    Making a Mess
    18 And Life
    Youth Gone Wild
    I Remember You

9. What song did Rachel cover on the CD "B-Side Ourselves?"
    "Cold Gin"
    "Anarchy in the UK"
    "Rock-n-Roll Highschool"

10. Sebastian has two boys. What are their names?
    Wolfgang and Gunnar
    Paris and Francis
    Paris and London
    London and Francis

11. Has Skid Row ever been on the cover of Rolling Stone?

12. Sebastian has been in only two Broadway musicals.

13. Which song had a video depicting a young man shooting his friend?
    "Bullets and Octane"
    "Piece of Me"
    "18 and Life"
    "Making a Mess"

14. Finish these lyrics: "Outside my window there's a whole lot of trouble comin'..."
    the cartoon killers and the rag covered clones
    the vaseline gypsies and silicone souls
    We are the Youth Gone Wild
    the freaks come out at nine and it's twenty to ten

15. The "Slave to the Grind" CD was released with two versions. Name the song that was on the second release, that replaced the song with explicit lyrics on the first.
    Beggar's Day
    Psycho love
    Breakin' Down

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