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Alternative Music With Some Punk

Created by tomjoad

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Alternative Music With Some Punk game quiz
"This quiz is about the music I love. I guess there's more about punk and ska bands in here than there is alternative. Oh,well. Well come in anyway and give it a shot."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was the first drummer for the Dead Kennedys to record with them?
    East Bay Ray
    Bruce Slesinger
    Klaus Flouride

2. Where did the guitarist of Anti-Flag, Justin Sane, meet Andy Flag (who know plays bass for the band)?
    Answer: (they were forced to go by their moms)

3. Which Fugazi band member co-produced the new album for Blonde Redhead called 'Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons'?
    Joe Lally
    Guy Picciotto
    Ian MacKaye
    Brendan Canty

4. On which song does Bikini Kill bassist Kathi and drummer Tobi sing (on the Reject All American CD)?
    Answer: (Two Words)

5. What's the next line for this NOFX song:Through word of mouth let it be known;The man who spends his life on a mission, he's legendary;Travelling from coast to coast
    Photos of good times
    Makin' sure that the garden grows
    He's the contemporary Johnny Appleseed

6. Silverchair's 'Punk Song 2' will be is in a new movie. What's the name of that movie?
    Answer: (a parody of a certain type of movies)

7. Who was Filter's bassist for Short Bus?
    Brian Liesegang
    Frank Cavanagh
    Matt Walker
    Geno Lenardo

8. What Letters to Cleo drummer (and stage diver) left to play with Veruca Salt and then left to play for Nina Gordon?
    Answer: (it's usually a girl's name (but it's a guy))

9. Which Live band member doesn't sing at all?
    Patrick Dahlheimer
    Chad Taylor
    Edward Kowalczyk
    Chad Gracey

10. What's Rancid's first album called?
    Let's Go
    And Out Come the Wolves
    Life Won't Wait

11. How many band members are in Le Tigre?

12. Where are the U.S.Bombs from?
    New York

13. How old did the band called the Skatalites turn in 2000?

14. What does Hilary Allen of the Gadjits play?
    keys, backing vocals
    bass, backing vocals
    guitar, vocals

15. Who plays the bass, the guitar, and is backing vocals for the Pietasters?
    Todd Echardt
    Steven Jackson
    Tom Goodin
    Chris Watt

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Compiled Jun 28 12