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Red Sox [2]

Created by riker465

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Boston Red Sox
Red Sox  2 game quiz
"Here's another tough series of questions on the Boston Red Sox."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What name did the bullpens become known as?

2. Who was the first Sox player to have three 200 hit seasons?
    Ted Williams
    Bobby Doerr
    Dom DiMaggio
    Johnny Pesky

3. How many rows deep is the red seat in right center field, marking Ted William's longest home run?

4. What batting average did Ted Williams hit for, in the 1946 World Series?

5. What year were Red Sox games first broadcast, over television in the Boston area?

6. Ted Williams suffered what season ending injury in 1951?
    broken leg
    shattered elbow
    shattered wrist
    dislocated elbow

7. Who played the part of Jimmy Piersall in the Hollywood movie about his life?
    Anthony Hopkins
    Fred Astaire
    Dustin Hoffman
    Anthony Perkins

8. By what name was Harry Agganis known as?
    The Golden Greek
    The Singing Greek
    The Singing Italian
    The Golden Frenchman

9. Who was the first African-American to wear a Red Sox uniform?
    Pumpsie Green
    Willie Mays
    Jackie Robinson
    Frank Robinson

10. Which pitcher surrendered the last home run of Ted Williams career?
    Jim Lonborg
    Bill Monboquette
    Jack Fischer
    Mel Parnell

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Compiled Jun 28 12