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Rush Hour , Too!

Created by cla2112

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Rush Hour  Too game quiz
"Here's another quiz about lyrics from some of my favorite Rush tunes.I hope fans will enjoy it (and maybe make some new ones while we're at it). I'll give you a line and you tell me the name of the song it's from. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "One moment's high and glory rolls on by like a streak of lightning that flashes and fades in the summer sky."
    Witch Hunt
    Emotion Detector
    The Big Money

2. "From the point of conception to the moment of truth, at the point of surrender to the burden of proof."
    Force Ten
    Time Stand Still
    Prime Mover
    The Analog Kid

3. "You can surrender without a prayer but never really pray without surrender."
    Closer to the Heart

4. "Can't we raise our eyes and make a start, can't we find the minds to lead us closer to the heart"
    In the End
    Closer to the Heart
    A Farewell to Kings

5. "I have no heart to lie, I can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend."
    Tom Sawyer

6. "Kicked in the face you can pray for a place in Heaven's unearthly estate."
    The Spirit of Radio
    Cinderella Man

7. "The big bang- took and shook the world, shot down the rising sun."
    Red Sector A
    New World Man
    Force Ten
    Manhattan Project

8. " All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted, not so coldly charted it's really just a question of your honesty."
    Jacob's Ladder
    The Spirit of Radio
    High Water

9. "A certain measure of innocence willing to appear naive, a certain degree of imagination a measure of make believe."
    One Little Victory
    Ghost Rider

10. "Another toy that helped destroy the elder race of man. Forget about your silly whim, it doesn't fit the plan."
    A Passage to Bangkok
    Tom Sawyer

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Compiled Jun 28 12