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"Magnum P.I." Mania

Created by TS216

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Magnum PI Mania game quiz
"This is a quiz on the 1980-1988 television series "Magnum P.I." I have no idea if it's easy or hard - you tell me."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who plays Jonathan Quayle Higgins?
    Roger Mosely
    John Hillerman
    Theodore Calvin
    Tom Selleck

2. What is Magnum's full name?
    Thomas Magnum
    Thomas Sullivan Magnum
    Thomas Everett Magnum
    His full name is never given

3. What is the name of the famous writer that owns the estate on which Magnum lives?
    Johnathan Higgins
    R. J. Masters
    Robin Masters
    Truman Capote

4. Which of these is NOT a regular cast member? In other words, which actor did not have a recurring role?
    Sharon Stone
    Kathleen Lloyd
    Jeff MacKay
    Gillian Dobb

5. What is the first name of Magnum's wife?
    He doesn't have a wife
    He has a wife, but she never appears in the show

6. In what episode does Magnum supposedly die and go to heaven?
    "Death and Taxes"
    "Infinity and Jelly Donuts"
    "Memories are Forever"

7. What was the first episode in the first season of "Magnum P.I." called?
    Skin Deep
    Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii
    China Doll
    Beauty Knows No Pain

8. What was Rick's full name?
    Orville "Rick" Wilbur Wright II
    Richard Wright
    Wilbur Wright
    Ricardo Wright III

9. Which famous singer guest starred in a "Magnum P.I." episode?
    Barry Manilow
    Harry Belefonte
    Frank Sinatra
    Paula Abdul

10. What are the names of the dobermans who help Higgins guard the estate and often serve as listeners to his long stories?
    Laurel and Hardy
    Cupid and Aremis
    Zeus and Apollo
    Butch and Bruno

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Compiled Jun 28 12