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Soccer in the Olympic Games

Created by MarioH

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Soccer in the Olympic Games game quiz
"Try to remember all that information you read every four years, or even better, what you have watched through the years of Olympic Soccer competition."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which country was the first to win the Golden Medal twice in the Olympic Soccer Tournament?
    Great Britain
    Soviet Union

2. Who was the top scorer in the 1988 Olympic Games?
    Juergen Klinsmann
    Igor Dobrovolski

3. In the 1976 games in Montreal, 3 already qualified African nations withdrew the tournament, and it had to be played by 13 teams. Which nations withdrew?
    Gambia, Zaire & Cameroon
    Zaire, Ghana & Niger
    Zambia, Ghana & Nigeria
    Nigeria, Zambia & Guinea

4. Spain won the gold in Barcelona 1992. Before that, which of the following countries, was the last one to win the Golden Medal, while hosting the games?
    Great Britain, in 1948
    Belgium, in 1920
    Soviet Union, in 1980
    Great Britain, in 1908

5. Was Uruguay the only country ever to win consecutively the Olympic Gold Medal and the World Cup (or vice-versa) ?

6. Which of the following Olympiads was the very last one that only accepted amateur players?

7. Which was the first Asian team ever to win a medal?
    South Korea
    North Korea

8. Which two countries won the Gold Medal and within 10 years or less, played the World Cup Final and lost it?
    Hungary and the Soviet Union
    Hungary and Sweden
    Hungary and Poland
    Hungary and France

9. Which of the following teams shared a Bronze medal?
    Italy and Egypt, in 1924
    Soviet Union and East Germany, in 1972
    Norway and Poland, in 1936
    Brazil and Portugal, in 1996

10. Which was the only tournament where the final game did not award the silver medal to the losing team?
    Paris 1924
    London 1908
    Amberes 1920
    Stockholm 1912

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Compiled Jun 28 12