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What Characters Said Before They Died

Created by gumnutgirl16

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What Characters Said Before They Died game quiz
"I will give you the description of a scene in a movie when a character dies and you tell me what memorable line they uttered before dying."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 'Saving Private Ryan', Captain Miller and his squad were able to save Private Ryan. Unfortunately Captain Miller was unable to save himself, but not before giving Private Ryan some meaningful advice. What does Captain Miller say to Private Ryan before he dies?
    'Live life to the fullest.'
    'I'm counting on you to invent the longer lasting light bulb.'
    'Life is precious, live it well.'
    'Earn it.'

2. In 'Road to Perdition', Michael Sullivan has tried everything to get revenge on the man who murdered his family, but there is only one thing standing in his way, he was being protected only because he was his father's son. Michael guns down John Rooney in order to kill his son Connor. Not surprised by Michael's actions, what were John Rooney's last words to Michael?
    'There is only one guarantee, none of us will see heaven.'
    'I knew it was you.'
    'I'm glad it's you.'
    'It's over.'

3. In 'Gangs of New York', Amsterdam wanted revenge on Bill the Butcher, the man who murdered his father. Bill takes him under his wing, even showing him how to kill. When everything is revealed there comes a final battle between Bill and Amsterdam. Bill the Butcher loses the battle, but never his dignity. What are Bill's last words?
    'Thank God...I die a true American.'
    'I am an American.'
    'I am a Native American, you are but an immigrant.'
    'I have honoured my land, I have honoured my father and I have honoured America...I die a true Native.'

4. In 'Gladiator', after a grueling battle with the leader of Rome, Maximus also gets revenge on the man who murdered his family, killing Commodus. However, Maximus does die, but not before freeing his slaves and saving Lucius. What are Maximus' last words before joining his family?
    'These are the wishes of Marcus Aurelius.'
    'Lucius is safe.'
    'Free my men!'
    'There was a dream that was Rome.'

5. In 'Forrest Gump', after a quick but frightening battle in Vietnam, Forrest Gump runs to safety, but realises his friend, Bubba, is missing, so Forrest runs in and saves him just in time. Unfortunately, Bubba is shot, but what does Bubba say that Forrest claims he will never forget?
    'I wanna go home.'
    'You're my best friend Forrest.'
    'I wanna be a shrimp boat captain.'
    'You and me can be shrimp boat captains.'

6. Wrath was the last sin in 'Seven' and to make it happen John Doe took a souvenir of David Mills' wife. He makes David Mills get upset so he will shoot him. Claiming David Mills' wife begged for her life and for the baby's inside her, what words tipped Mills over the edge just before he shoots John Doe?
    'It seems that envy is my sin.'
    'He didn't know.'
    'Become vengeance, David. Become wrath.'

7. In 'The Green Mile' came a miracle: a man that could heal lives, but he has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. Nothing can be done to get him off the hook. What were John Coffey's last words to God?
    'I'm sorry for what I do.'
    'I'm sorry for what I am.'
    'I'm sorry for what I've done.'
    'I tried to take it back, but it was too late.'

8. In 'Titanic', after love conquers all, Jack and Rose are left in the icy water of the Atlantic. Jack makes Rose promise him she will survive and live a full life. Knowing he won't survive, Jack tells Rose to what?
    'Live life to the fullest.'
    'Never give up.'
    'Promise me you'll survive.'
    'Never let go.'

9. In 'Road to Perdition', after 6 weeks of running and trying to get revenge, it seems Michael Sullivan and his son can get on with their lives, but they forgot that Harlen Maguire was still hot on their trail. Harlen tracks them down and shoots Michael Sullivan Sr., but Sullivan shoots Harlen and saves his son. Michael Sullivan Sr. has been shot too many times and he dies, but not before saying what to his son?
    'I'm sorry.'
    'I love you.'
    'Forgive me.'
    'Don't follow the same road I did.'

10. In 'Terminator 2', all is almost finished after finally killing the T-1000, but there is still one more chip that still had to be destroyed for there to be any hope for a future. The T-800 is lowered into molten steel, but not before saying what?
    'I know now why you cry.'
    'Hasta La Vista Baby.'
    'It must end here...or I am the future.'

11. In 'Armageddon', Harry saves the world from total damnation by blowing up a nuclear warhead on the asteroid. After saying his goodbyes to his daughter, what does he say just before blowing the asteroid up?
    'It's over Gracie.'
    'We win Gracie.'
    'I love you Gracie.'

12. After the final battle between Castor Troy and Sean Archer in 'Face/Off', Sean comes out on top, killing his enemy. What does Castor remind him of just before he dies?
    'You'll still see me, even when I'm dead.'
    'How does it feel to be killing yourself?'
    'Every time you look in the mirror, you'll see my face.'
    'I'll live forever with my face and my body on your bones.'

13. In 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring', Boromir had fought to the very end even after he was speared three times with arrows. Boromir was about to be speared for the fourth time, but Aragorn comes and saves his friend just in time. Unfortunately, Boromir had been injured too much and dies, but not before telling Aragorn how much he meant to him. What does Boromir say to Aragorn just before he dies?
    'You did what I could not.'
    'My captain, my brother, I would have gone to the end.'
    'I would have gone to the end with you.'
    'I would have followed you, my brother, my captain, my king.'

14. In 'Philadelphia', Andrew Beckett was a gay man dying of AIDS. After bringing his ex co-workers to justice for wrongful dismissal, he is still left with the debilitating disease, so he decides to end his life. What does Andrew say to his lover Miguel before he ends his life?
    'I love you, do it.'
    'Miguel, I'm ready.'
    'It's better this way.'
    'Switch it off Miguel.'

15. In 'Braveheart', William Wallace became a legend. Although he was defeated, he had the very last word. What did he scream just before he was decapitated?
    'Free my men!'
    'Scotland is free!'

16. In 'Thelma and Louise', after a long game of cat and mouse, the police finally catch up to them, but Thelma has other ideas. Rather than go to prison, she tells Louise to what?
    'Floor it!'
    'Hit it!'
    'Step on it!'

17. In 'Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace', after the final battle between Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn, Qui-Gon Jinn is finally defeated, but not before telling Obi-Wan Kenobi what?
    'He will bring power, he will bring force and he will bring balance.'
    'Promise me you'll train the boy.'
    'He is the chosen one.'
    'Train him.'

18. In 'Jaws', Chrissie just wanted to go for a little night swim. As Chrissie enjoys her swim she is attacked by a great white shark. What are Chrissie's last words before she's taken under water for the last time?
    'Somebody help me!'
    'God please help!'

19. In 'The Mummy', Rick, Evie and Jonathan finally defeat Imhotep and send him back to the underworld. What are Imhotep's last words?
    'This is just the beginning.'
    'Death is only the beginning.'
    'This is not over.'
    'It has only just begun.'

20. In 'Independence Day', aliens begin destroying everyone and everything, but before they could destroy everything, Russel Casse comes in and saves the day. What were his final words before saving America?
    'Tell my children I love them'
    'Hello boys, did you miss me?'
    'Hello boys, I'm back!'
    'I'm ready to kick a little butt!'

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