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"Edward II" - Marlowe's Classic History Play

Created by Philian

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Edward II  Marlowes Classic History Play game quiz
"Sex, violence, horror, power, tragedy - these are all at the core of Christopher Marlowe's most "finished" play. These questions are on the action and the characters of the drama."

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1. From whom has Gaveston received a letter that he reads aloud at the beginning of the play?
    Queen Isabella
    Earl of Lancaster
    Edward II
    Earl of Warwick

2. Which sorts of men does Gaveston plan to use to make the "pliant" king do anything that he (Gaveston) wants?
    monks and other churchmen
    poets and musicians
    soldiers and builders of castles
    sailors and explorers

3. What relation are the Younger Mortimer and the Elder Mortimer to each other?
    nephew and uncle
    son and father

4. What pet-name for the King does Gaveston use in his aside to the audience?

5. Who is the only noble to speak out on the King's side in this first confrontation at the beginning of the play?
    Edward, Prince of Wales, Edward's son
    Earl of Warwick
    Thomas of Lancaster, Edward's cousin
    Edmund of Kent, Edward's half-brother

6. Lancaster leaves the court in defiance telling Edward he must either change his mind or expect to see something floating in blood. What is it that will "float in blood"?
    the throne
    the crown

7. Which clergyman do Gaveston and the King throw into the gutter?
    Archbishop of Canterbury
    Bishop of Coventry
    Bishop of Ely
    Bishop of Carlisle

8. Amongst the titles that Edward II showers on Gaveston are Lord High Chamberlain, Chief Secretary to the State, King and Lord of Man. Which important earldom does he also give to Gaveston?

9. With which of the nobles does the Queen seem to find the most sympathy?

10. How does Edward try to influence the nobles into a position where they won't support the Archbishop of Canterbury in his petition to have Gaveston exiled again?
    He threatens them with his armed bodyguard.
    He tries to bribe them with titles.
    He threatens them with the power of the Pope.
    He threatens them with soldiers from France.

11. Which power base does he threaten to destroy after the nobles have left and he has signed the paper banishing Gaveston?
    The power of the Council of Nobles
    The power of the Pope in Rome
    The power of the Church in England
    The power of the French King

12. What does Edward call Isabella just before he says farewell to Gaveston?
    French strumpet
    French traitor
    his dearest beloved
    she-wolf of France

13. What is the main argument that Mortimer puts to the other nobles to suggest that Gaveston should be brought back from banishment?
    Once back in the country a hired assassin could easily kill him.
    He believes that Gaveston has changed his ways.
    It would please the Queen to be back in her husband's favour.
    Edward is sure to reward them for getting his friend back.

14. What advice does the Elder Mortimer give to the Younger Mortimer before he departs to fight in Scotland?
    Organise your men and be ready for rebellion.
    Leave well alone for plenty of kings have had lovers and favourites.
    Keep away from the Queen for she is not to be trusted.
    Beware of Lancaster for he will betray you.

15. From whom does the King's niece receive a love letter?
    Younger Mortimer
    Edward II

16. Where does Gaveston land on his second return from exile?

17. The symbolic device that Mortimer describes to the King as they wait for Gaveston to land is of a cedar tree with eagles on the top branches. What symbolises Gaveston in the rest of this device?
    a little bird about to be devoured
    a canker or cancer
    a little fish about to be swallowed by a leviathan
    a leaf that has fallen to the ground

18. Which of the nobles attacks and wounds Gaveston when he offers each of them insults on his return to England?
    Younger Mortimer

19. What complaint do Lancaster and Mortimer make against Edward when they decide to "speak their minds"?
    He is allowing the Danes to rule the seas in the Channel
    He let England be humiliated at Bannockburn
    All of these points
    He is not stopping the rebellion in Ireland

20. When Kent decides to throw in his lot with the rebels who is the nobleman who immediately decides to trust him?
    Younger Mortimer

21. After they have captured Gaveston which two men amongst the nobles want to give Edward one last chance of seeing his favourite?
    Pembroke and Arundel
    Lancaster and Kent
    Mortimer and Warwick
    Kent and Pembroke

22. Which of the rebels is in the end directly responsible for Gaveston's death?

23. To which foreign nobleman does Isabella turn when her brother, the King of France, refuses to help her?
    Sir John of Hainault
    The Duke of Lorraine
    The Duke of Burgundy
    David of Flanders

24. After the Earl of Leicester and Sir Thomas Berkeley Edward II is placed with his final set of gaolers. What are their names?
    Wilson and Cade
    Rice Ap Howel and John Mower
    Lightborn and Tressel
    Matrevis and Gurney

25. In the play "Edward II" how does Marlowe arrange the King's death on stage?
    They burn out his intestines using a red-hot poker.
    The murderers stamp him to death using a table on top of him in bed.
    The murderers smother him to death using a pillow.
    He is stabbed to death by three assassins.

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