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Analyze That

Created by scarltak

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Analyze That game quiz
"If you paid attention to this movie, this should be a piece of cake. Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who directed this movie?
    Harold Ramis
    Robert DeNiro
    Steven Speilberg
    Penny Marshall

2. When Paul Viti was a child he wanted to be what when he grew up?
    A police officer
    A fireman
    A cowboy
    A dog trainer

3. Finish this line that Ben says throughout the movie. "...grieving. It's a _________."

4. Where did Paul not work while attempting to go straight?
    jewelry store
    cattle ranch
    car dealership

5. How does Paul describe the trunk of the car to the customers?
    by telling them it could hold three bodies
    by filling it with three spare tires
    by stuffing himself inside of it
    by showing them the guns stashed inside it

6. Ben orders what two drinks at dinner?
    a Mai Tai and saki
    a saki and a Rob Roy
    a Shirley Temple and saki
    a Rob Roy and a Mai Tai

7. Who saw the man with the gun at the restaurant first?
    Paul's date

8. Rigazzi uses what business as a front for his illegal activities?
    heating and plumbing supplies
    hardware store
    jewlery store

9. What does Paul want to get for bringing in his guys to the set?
    ten percent of the profits
    one thousand dollars for each man
    a trailer like the stars have
    ten thousand dollars

10. What nationality is the man who plays Micky Caesar on the show Paul works on?

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Compiled Jun 28 12