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Orioles Baseball

Created by Midget1207

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Orioles Baseball game quiz
"Play the Orioles Trivia Challenge."

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1. Which of the following players was not inducted into the Hall of Fame as an Oriole?
    Boog Powell
    Brooks Robinson
    Frank Robinson
    Earl Weaver

2. Who caught the last out of the World Series in 1983, giving the Orioles their third World Championship in club history?
    Answer: (2 words or surname)

3. The Baltimore Orioles moved to Baltimore from St. Louis in 1954. Where did they play before playing in St. Louis?
    New York (Highlanders)
    Kansas City (Cherokees)
    Columbus (Red Herons)
    Milwaukee (Brewers)

4. The B&O Warehouse at Oriole Park at Camden Yards was built in what year?

5. On what street was Memorial Stadium built?
    Lombard Street
    33rd Street
    Conway Street
    59th Street

6. Who did the Orioles beat in the first game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards?
    Detriot Tigers
    New York Yankees
    Cleveland Indians
    Boston Red Sox

7. Cal Ripken Sr. was the first person to ever manage two of his sons on the Major League level?

8. Babe Ruth played for the Baltimore Orioles organization?

9. How many Gold Gloves did Brooks Robinson win in a row?

10. The Orioles' minor league system, bringing well-prepared young players into the league, was known as the _______________?
    Rochester Red Wings
    The Minor Orioles
    Oriole Way
    Young Birds

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