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My Favorite Peninsulas

Created by thejazzkickazz

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Peninsulas and Capes
My Favorite Peninsulas game quiz
"Peninsulas are certainly geographic features that get their share of attention. These are some of my personal favorites; I hope you will share them with me!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When people think of peninsulas, most people first envision a famous piece of footwear...namely, the Italian Peninsula. As with most peninsulas, Italy is surrounded on three sides by water. Which of these seas is not found along the coast of this high-heeled peninsula?
    Tyrrhenian Sea
    Aegean Sea
    Adriatic Sea
    Ionian Sea

2. The world's largest peninsula, at 1,250,000 square miles, can be found in which continent?
    South America

3. True or false: Alaska is the largest peninsula in the United States.

4. Ox Bel Ha, the world's largest underwater cave system, is located at which peninsula, also famous for the wonderful scuba diving off its coast?
    Answer: ('Y'ou had better be careful with 'y'our spelling! (One word answer))

5. One of the most exciting looking peninsulas for map lovers is the Malay Peninsula of Southeast Asia. Which tiny country lies right off the coast, at the very tip of this peninsula?
    Answer: (The answer is 's'impler than it 's'eems! (One word answer))

6. The Crimean Peninsula has a coastline on which of these seas?
    Black Sea
    Red Sea
    White Sea
    Yellow Sea

7. Which famed peninsula is surrounded by the Bellingshausen Sea, the Scotia Sea and the Weddell Sea?
    Kamchatka Peninsula
    Cape York Peninsula
    Antarctic Peninsula
    Scandinavian Peninsula

8. One of these peninsulas is not comprised of at least two different countries, but which?
    Scandinavian Peninsula
    Korean Peninsula
    Peloponnesian Peninsula
    Iberian Peninsula

9. The Kola, Yamal and Gyda Peninsulas may all be found in what rather large country?

10. Which of the 48 contiguous U.S. states consists of not one but two large peninsulas?

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