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Nautical Knowledge

Created by AccdntlJibe

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Sailing
Nautical Knowledge game quiz
"This quiz should be a breeze for an old salt like you."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You're sailing a two masted boat with the mizzen mast located forward of the steering post. What type of boat are you on?

2. Rope put aboard a sailboat is called a what?

3. The rigging which exerts side forces to keep the mast vertical are the what?

4. A heading of one eight zero will take you which direction?

5. If you lose forward motion from being in the no sail zone, you are where?
    up the creek without a paddle
    in irons
    aground and should back the jib until the keel is loose
    sailing in the groove

6. Fletcher Christian and the crew of what ship, created mutiny against Captain Bligh?
    The Bounty
    The Hispaniola
    The Cain
    The USS Constitution

7. Someone asks you, "How much does she draw?" They want to know your boat's what?
    mast height.
    retail cost.

8. One of your crew tells you, "The rabbit comes out of the hole, around the tree and back into the hole." What does that mean?
    They're teaching you how to make a bowline.
    You should ease the jib and tack to starboard immediately.
    That's sailors code for, "The Coasties are coming."
    They've been in the sun too long.

9. After wintering in Florida, you decide it's time to sail back to New York. As you sail up the Intracoastal Waterway, the buoys on your starboard side will what?
    have black and yellow vertical stripes
    have even numbers
    be red
    be green

10. Your sailboat is being overtaken by a powerboat. What is the situation?
    Sailboats always have the right of way over powerboats.
    You are the stand on vessel.
    You are the give way vessel.
    You should strike the colors.

11. In the Touchstone sailing adventure, "Captain Ron", Captain Ron played by Kurt Russell states that, "Diesels love their oil like a sailor loves his rum." When the boat owner Martin Harvey, played by Martin Short, asks Captain Ron why that is he replies what?
    "Rum is an inexpensive substitute for oil in foriegn ports of call"
    "They're both used for lubrication"
    "Nobody knows"
    "The average viscosity rating of the rum keeps the internal tempurature of the sailor at or below it's recommended operating limits"

12. Vertical clearances, such as bridges, will always be shown on tidal area charts measured at what?
    a height designated by the Coast Guard equal to the median clearance at high tide divided by the median clearance at low tide and multiplied by two.
    low tide.
    sea level.
    mean high water.

13. A catboat is a sailboat with what?
    no cabin and the rudder amidship
    three jibs
    two hulls
    the mast placed far forward and no foresail

14. What is freeboard?
    Getting on board without a ticket.
    The distance from the gunwale to the waterline.
    A keel that retracts into the cabin.
    A song by Leonard Skynard.

15. What is a winch mainly used for?
    To serve the draft in port.
    To pull the running lines tighter than you could by hand.
    To guide the fairing leads from the gussets to the quadrant.
    To deploy depth charges.

16. What happens if you're sailing in a regatta, and cross the starting line before the race starts?
    raise a white burgee with a red cross idicating an admission of guilt and an apology to the other participants
    must take a 720 degree penalty turn
    must sail completely back across the starting line before continuing the race
    are disqualfied

17. What does a buoy, in inland waters with a red horizontal band over a green horizontal band indicate?
    A marina with diesel services.
    The direction of the prefered channel.
    A swimming area.
    A sunken vessel.

18. If you're sailing at night on a starboard tack and see a single red light off your starboard bow, what should you do?
    Check your depth finder
    Sound two long and two short blasts on the horn
    Steer to port
    Maintain your course and speed

19. Why should you avoid sailing directly downwind?
    So you can see the Manatees.
    To avoid an accidental jibe.
    To prevent windburn.
    So you don't overstress the compass gimbals.

20. There are three corners and three edges to the triangle which forms the shape of most sails. Start with the lower forwardmost corner, and go up the front edge to the top of the sail, and continue until you return at the original corner, and name each part as you go.
    luff, leech, foot, tack, head, clew
    tack, luff, head, leech, clew, foot
    tack, head, clew, luff, leech, foot
    head, clew, tack, luff, leech, foot

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