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Fun with Analogies

Created by JackJani

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Analogies
Fun with Analogies game quiz
"Find a relationship between the first two words. Then, find two other words that fall in that same relationship."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. POISE is to a DANCER as ____ is to __?
    Sensitivity: Counselor
    Music: Composer
    Clay: Potter
    Self-control: Calmness

2. A VIOLIN is to an INSTRUMENT as a __ is to __?
    Airplane: Hangar
    Bird: Eagle
    Tiger: Cat
    Fish: Water

3. SCISSORS is to CUT as __ is to __?
    Pencil: Eraser
    Dismal: Gloomy
    Hammer: Pound
    Douse: Soak

4. ROTATE is to PROPELLER as __ is to __?
    Gather: Harvest
    Turn: Wheel
    Command: Pilot
    Grasp: Seize

5. LINGER is to DELAY as Legitimate is to Unreasonable.

6. HAZARDOUS is to POTHOLE as __ is to __?
    Phone: Communication
    Dangerous: Risky
    Beautiful: Rainbow
    Freezing: Frost

7. TRAIT is to BOLDNESS as __ is to __?
    Storm: Tornado
    Glacier: Ice
    Hope: Despair
    Optimistic: Hopeful

8. ZEAL is to INTEREST as __ is to __?
    Satisfaction: Dissatisfaction
    Hatred: Dislike
    Telephone: Communication
    Window: Glass

9. MAGNIFICENT is to ORDINARY as __ is to __?
    Beautiful: Conceited
    Superior: Higher
    Strange: Familiar
    Polite: Gentle

10. A CONDUCTOR is to ORCHESTRA as a __ is to __?
    Builder: Blueprint
    Echo: Sound
    Inventor: Patent
    Coach: Team

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Compiled Jun 28 12