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Those Wacky '80s Phillies

Created by g_money24

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Those Wacky 80s Phillies game quiz
"As a Phillies fan, I am so aware that the '80s were both the best of times and the worst of times for our Fightin' Phils. But there were some serious highlights for this team. Let's take a look at some, shall we?"

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1. In 1985, the Phillies took out the Mets by the score of 26-7. In the bottom of the first inning of this game, a certain Phillie took two pitches and deposited them in the right field stands. Who is this lefty?
    John Kruk
    Von Hayes
    Darren Daulton
    Bob Dernier

2. What was the nickname for the 1983 National League champs?
    Answer: (Two Words Only)

3. In July of 1989, as Philly was giving up 11 runs to the Pirates in the first inning (a lead they would later give up), which Pirate made two outs?
    Doug Drabek
    Barry Bonds
    Jose Lind
    Bobby Bonilla

4. During a July 1989 game, that the Phillies were giving up 11 runs to the Pirates in a first inning, a Pirates announcer stated he would _______ ________ if the Pirates managed to lose?
    Answer: (two words only)

5. Who led the 1983 Phillies in saves?
    John Denny
    Steve Bedrosian
    Al Holland
    Tug McGraw

6. In 1987, what Phillies reliever took the Cy Young award?
    Answer: (two words or just surname. Flintstones, meet the Flintstones)

7. On May 29th 1989, Mike Schmidt retired. In the same week, a trade was announced with the Padres. Which pudgy outfielder/first baseman did the Phillies acquire?
    Answer: (two words or just surname. The best damn hint I can give you)

8. Name the nutball reliever (and 2003 Phillie broadcaster) who once said of a Mike Schmidt home run, "He hit it so high and so hard it should have had a stewardess and an in-flight movie".
    Harry Kalas
    Larry Andersen
    Chris Wheeler
    Richie Ashburn

9. What year did Mike Schmidt hit his 500th home run?

10. How many times did the Phillies manage to have a record over .500 during the 1980's?

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Compiled Jun 28 12