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NY Mets

Created by Niffweed17

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NY Mets game quiz
"The die hard Mets fan should have no trouble with this."

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1. Which of these former Mets' numbers has never been retired?
    Keith Hernandez 17
    Casey Stengel 37
    Gil Hodges 14
    Tom Seaver 41

2. Who was the Mets' first round draft pick in 2002?
    Wayne Lydon
    Clint Everts
    Scott Kazmir
    Aaron Heilman

3. Who hit the ball through Bill Buckner's legs, in game 6 of the 1986 World Series?
    Ray Knight
    Mookie Wilson
    Gary Carter
    Keith Hernandez

4. When the Mets first acquired Mike Piazza from the Florida Marlins, a player on the Mets already had his number 31. The player agreed to take a different number and let Piazza have number 31. Who was the player?
    John Franco
    Todd Hundley
    Carl Everett
    Brian McRae

5. Which level of Shea Stadium has green seats?
    Upper Level
    The Picnic Area in Left Field
    Field Level
    Mezzanine Level

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Compiled Jun 28 12