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Vatican City: A State with a Soul

Created by GOP_Bush

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Vatican City A State with a Soul game quiz
"The Vatican City - a state that claims to be guided by forces beyond this planet. This is a quiz about the smallest state on earth."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the local long form name of Vatican City?
    The Holy See
    Stato della Citta del Vaticano
    State of the Vatican City
    Santa Sede

2. What is the government type of the Vatican City?
    Democratic state
    None since it has limited politics
    Absolute monarchial state
    Monarchical-sacerdotal state

3. The Pope is elected by cardinals. All of them must be under a certain age in order to vote. What is that age?
    Answer: (Numeral (between 1 and 100)

4. What is the Constitution of Vatican City?
    Catholic Constitution of 1967
    Magna Carta
    Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church
    Apostolic Constitution of 1967

5. What body elects the Pope for life?
    College of Cardinals
    Pontifical Council
    Synods of Bishops
    Council of Suffrage

6. The Pope is the ruler of both the Vatican City State and the Holy See.

7. The economy of the Vatican City is supported by the financial contributions of Roman Catholics throughout the world. What is the technical term for this?
    The Amazing Grace
    The Lord's Grace
    Peter's Pence
    Official Contributions of the Congregation

8. What is the total land mass of Vatican City in sq mi?

9. When was Vatican City established?
    11 March 1929
    12 February 1929
    11 February 1930
    11 February 1929

10. Almost all of the electricity of Vatican City is supplied by Italy.

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