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An Oldies 'Who Played Who'?

Created by spanishliz

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An Oldies Who Played Who game quiz
"There seemed to be a need for one of these quizzes for the older players amongst us. No character named is from a movie released after 1980, though the actors may be familiar to everyone."

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1. Which actor has portrayed real-life British army officers Gonville Bromhead and J.O.E. Vandeleur, as well as the fictional Harry Palmer?
    Stanley Baker
    Michael Caine
    Dirk Bogarde
    Gordon Jackson

2. When he played Lt. Col. John Frost, this actor tried unsuccessfully to secure the bridge at Arnhem. As Dr. Frederick Treves he cared for the unfortunate John Merrick. Who is this actor, who later played a very different doctor?
    Anthony Hopkins
    John Wayne
    Michael Caine
    Peter Finch

3. Bernardo O'Reilly was a gunslinger with a heart. Danny Velinski suffered from claustrophobia. Paul Kersey wanted justice - or did he want revenge? Which actor played these three characters?
    James Coburn
    Robert Vaughn
    Steve McQueen
    Charles Bronson

4. She played Marjorie Winfield to his Bill Sherman twice, in movies loosely based on Booth Tarkington's 'Penrod' stories. They also appeared together in a reworked version of 'No, No Nanette' as Nanette Carter and Jimmy Smith. Who was this musical couple?
    Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy
    Judy Garland and Gene Kelly
    Doris Day and Gordon MacRae
    Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

5. Ben Rumson was a gold miner who shared his wife with his partner. Major John Reisman had command of an unattractive group of soldiers. Kid Shellean was the good guy hired to fight bad guy Strawn, and the same actor played them both. Which actor played all of these roles?
    Lee Marvin
    Donald Sutherland
    James Coburn
    Charles Bronson

6. Jean Brodie's girls were 'the crème de la crème'. Aunt Augusta travelled with her nephew Henry Pulling, played by Alec McCowen. 'Harry Potter' fans should have no trouble identifying her. Who is she?
    Judi Dench
    Emma Thompson
    Celia Johnson
    Maggie Smith

7. Possibly best known as a bar owner named Rick Blaine, this actor also played a steamboat captain called Charlie Allnut and detectives Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe. Can you name him?
    Ricardo Cortez
    Humphrey Bogart
    James Garner
    Elliott Gould

8. Duke Mantee, Roy 'Mad Dog' Earle and Fred C. Dobbs all were movie bad guys. Which actor played all three?
    James Cagney
    Humphrey Bogart
    Edward G. Robinson
    George Raft

9. Buttons the clown never took off his makeup. Frank Towns, a pilot, felt he had failed his passengers. Chip Hardesty had a long career as a federal agent. Who was the actor who brought these characters to life?
    William Holden
    Richard Attenborough
    James Stewart
    Burt Lancaster

10. Howard Beale proclaimed that he wasn't 'going to take it anymore!' and urged everyone to do the same. Captain Langsdorff had to scuttle his ship. Joe Harman was an Australian soldier who dreamed of 'A Town Like Alice'. Which actor played these characters?
    Peter Finch
    Jack Thompson
    William Holden
    Bryan Brown

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Compiled Jun 28 12