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The intriguing intellect of Adrian Mole

Created by gretab

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Townsend, Sue
The intriguing intellect of Adrian Mole game quiz
"Filled with the idiosyncratic dilect of Sue Townsend, "Adrian Mole" has fascinated hundreds of readers across the globe. Whether it be his obsession with Pandora, his cuckholded father, or perhaps the genuinely crude Bert Baxter, he is one for the ages."

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1. According to Adrian in "The Cuppucino Years", what was the final straw in his and Jojo's relationship?
    her height
    his Prozac fuelled nerves
    her nationality
    her exhibitionist sneezing

2. Ivan Braithewaite is described as "The ...... of menswear"
    Harrison Ford

3. What is the name of Pandora's first husband?- "Adrian Mole, the Wilderness Years"
    Crispin Warthog- Lowndes
    Barry Kent
    Julian Twyselton-Fife
    Martin Muffet

4. Bianca, the newsagency girl, is a trained .....

5. Sharon Bott names her youngest child ...... after the place it had been concieved.
    St Pancras

6. To whom did Adrian once refer as "Johnny" and "rather scruffy"?
    John Goodman
    John Mayer
    John Tydeman
    John Major

7. What was Adrian's principal's name?
    "Pop eye" Scruton
    "Puffy Hair" Scurton
    "Bulgy eye" Scrumpton
    "Big head" Scimpton

8. Name the old age pensioner that Adrian is assigned to through a good Samaritans program.
    Hamish McBride
    Lennie Purbright
    Michael Bettle
    Bert Baxter

9. Who will show "everything" for a pound of grapes?
    Rosie Mole
    Barbara Boyer
    Sharon Bott
    Pandora Braithewaite

10. Who runs the local youth club, and what is his girlfriend's name?
    Lucas Wothy and Tracy (Trace)
    Rick Apple and Maria (Mar)
    Rick Lemon and Titania (Tit)
    Steve Xavier and Sophie (Soph)

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Compiled Jun 28 12