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A Ballet Class with Maestro Cecchetti

Created by Elanor

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A Ballet Class with Maestro Cecchetti game quiz
"Ballet steps are the same the world over, but the terminology and the style vary. Enrico Cecchetti was one of the greatest teachers ever. Whether you already follow his method, or a different one, come and learn something new."

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1. Enrico Cecchetti was born in the dressing room of a theatre in 1850. Where was he born?
    St Petersburg

2. Which famous role did Cecchetti create?
    Bluebird in "Sleeping Beauty"
    Daphnis in "Daphnis and Chloé"
    Faun in "L'après-midi d'un Faune"
    Rose in "Le Spectre de la Rose"

3. Where did Cecchetti spend his first years as a teacher?
    St Petersburg

4. With which famous company was Cecchetti the Ballet Master between 1910 and 1918?
    Diaghilev's Ballets Russes
    Imperial Theatre in St Petersburg
    Sadler's Wells Ballet in London
    Teatro alla Scala in Milan

5. The legendary choreographers Fokine and Massine, and dancers Pavlova and Nijinsky, were all students of Enrico Cecchetti.

6. For which quality are Cecchetti-trained dancers particularly known?
    especially fast footwork
    exceptionally graceful arm movements
    very high leg extensions
    all of these qualities

7. Cecchetti dancers make more frequent use of 'épaulement' than dancers trained in other styles. Which part of the body is involved in this?
    shoulders and head

8. Cecchetti's work was first recorded and published by dance historian Cyril Beaumont in 1922. What was the name of the organisation set up in the same year, with the aim of preserving and promoting his theories and techniques?
    The Cecchetti School
    The Cecchetti Council
    The Cecchetti Society
    The Cecchetti Group

9. Cecchetti's classes for professional dancers were identical every day.

10. In the Cecchetti method, what name is given to the arm position where both arms are raised above the head, and held in a rounded and graceful manner, palms facing downwards?
    5th position
    5th en haut
    3rd position

11. Imagine the following position. The dancer stands facing wall 6 (sideways on to the audience). The left leg is supporting and straight, and the right leg, also straight, is raised at an angle of 90 degrees behind her. The left arm is raised forward, at a level with her eyes. Where must the right arm be placed in order to make this a correct Cecchetti Third Arabesque?
    behind the body, slightly lower than the left arm
    to the side, lower than the left arm
    behind the body, at the same height as the left arm
    in front of the body, slightly lower than the left arm

12. Cecchetti invented the system of assigning fixed points to the performance space. This enables dancers to correctly follow instructions of an exercise or a sequence. If the downstage corner to the right of the dancer is number 1, where is 4?
    straight ahead
    downstage left
    upstage right
    upstage left

13. The Adage is an important part of any ballet class, and Cecchetti's lessons were no exception. He set down dozens of these slow, graceful exercises, requiring balance and strength. How does every single one start?
    a developpé to 4th position behind
    a developpé to 4th position in front
    a plié in 5th position
    a rise to the demi-pointes

14. Cecchetti named a step after his cat.

15. The following step is an impressive leap, performed by all Cecchetti dancers. Facing upstage, the dancer leaps from the left leg, raising the right leg to the front in a swift movement, and lifting both arms above her head. Instead of leaping forwards, the dancer then quickly whips around to face the opposite direction, bringing the right leg down to land, and swiftly raising the left leg behind her. What do Cecchetti dancers call this?
    jeté entrelacé
    grand jeté en tournant
    jeté dessus
    tour jeté

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