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Warren Zevon: The Man and His Music

Created by skylarb

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Warren Zevon The Man and His Music game quiz
"Even casual fans will probably get several correct answers on this quiz, which contains miscellaneous questions about the albums, songs, lyrics, life and musical career of Warren Zevon."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. On what album do the songs "Leave My Monkey Alone" and "Reconsider Me" appear?
    My Ride's Here
    Sentimental Hygiene
    Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
    A Quiet, Normal Life

2. Who said, "I'm no linguist, but I believe Warren Zevon may be the only man in the history of human communication to use the word brucellosis in a song."
    Jay Leno
    P.J. O'Rourke
    Johnny Carson
    Dave Letterman

3. On what album do the songs "A Certain Girl," "Wild Age," and "Empty-Handed Heart" appear?
    Sentimental Hygiene
    My Ride's Here
    Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School

4. What nationality is Warren Zevon?

5. Zevon's back up band on "The Factory" included members from what famous band?
    The Band
    The Rolling Stones

6. Who was a lady's man, according to a song on "My Ride's Here"?
    Mr. Johnson
    Percy Shelley
    Lord Byron
    Albert Einstein

7. Zevon parodies the Irish folk song with "MacGillycuddy ____." What word is missing from the title?
    Answer: (One Word)

8. On what album does Zevon do a cover of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"?
    Sentimental Hygiene
    Mr. Bad Example
    My Ride's Here

9. A simple one: from whence hail the werewolves of Zevon's most-played song?
    Answer: (One Word, a city)

10. Who is Boom Boom Mancini fighting in the song of the same name?
    The Hurricane
    Sugar Ray
    Bobby Chacon
    Cassius Clay

11. Where is the singer going after leaving his home in "Music City" and heading "down on Last Breath Farm" to "Rehab Mountain"?
    Hotel California
    Le Dome
    Detox Mansion
    Youngstown, Ohio

12. What is the singer "accidentally like" in a song on "Excitable Boy"?
    A Renegade
    A Lawyer
    A Martyr
    A Headless Thomson Gunner

13. Which album contains the songs "Model Citizen," "Quite Ugly One Morning," and "Renegade"?
    Mr. Bad Example
    Sentimental Hygiene
    My Ride's Here

14. What song contains the subtitle "Mzungu Arudi Ulaya Mwa Frika Apate Uhuru"?
    Leave My Monkey Alone
    Even a Dog Can Shake Hands
    Excitable Boy
    Laissez-Moi Tranquille

15. Zevon spent a couple of years touring as this group's pianist and bandleader.
    The Everly Brothers
    The Band
    The Jackson Five

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Compiled Jan 23 14