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"The Shield"

Created by Filmgal

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The Shield game quiz
"This is a quiz all about "The Shield"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of the task force headed up by Vic Mackey?
    Answer: (Three Words)

2. What is the name of Vic's autistic son?
    Victor Junior

3. In the episode "Dawg Days", Vic tried to resolve an on-going war between two rappers, on of which was played by real-life rapper Sticky Fingaz. What was his character's name?
    Kern Little
    Rondell Robinson

4. What was the name of the detective who was killed by Vic in the episode "Pilot"?
    Miguel Michael
    Derrick Tripp
    Lamar Tilton
    Terry Crowley

5. Which member of Vic's team had his face burned by Armadillo Quintero?

6. Why was Julian paired up with Danny?
    She is a training officer.
    He was a mole, placed by Aceveda.
    He is a training officer.
    She was a mole placed by Aceveda.

7. In 2002, Michael Chiklis won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Vic.

8. Who said the following, "Mackey is not a cop, he's Al Capone with a badge?"
    Detective "Dutch" Wagenbach
    Captain Aceveda
    Detective Claudette Wyms
    Assistant Chief Ben Gilroy

9. Who helps Danny study for her Sergeants exam?
    Answer: (1 or 2 words, nickname)

10. Connie Riesler was a drug addicted prostitute who was killed whilst helping Vic. She also had a son, who was taken into care when she was in prison. What was his name?
    Answer: (One Word, first name only)

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Compiled Jun 28 12