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Plato: A Real Wise Guy

Created by astorian

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Plato A Real Wise Guy game quiz
"A student of Socrates, a teacher of Aristotle, and one of the most brilliant philosophers of antiquity. If a subject is of any importance, chances are, Plato wrote about it."

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1. In Plato's "The Republic", who does Socrates suggest should rule over society?
    nobody; no man should rule over any other man
    the military
    an elite group of "philosopher-kings"
    an elected parliament

2. True or false: in Plato's "The Republic", Socrates argues for freedom of expression and against censorship.
    Answer: (One Word)

3. What is the primary subject of Socrates' dialogues with Thaetetus?
    the origin of the universe
    the best form of civic government
    the nature of human knowledge
    whether or not God exists

4. Plato and his most esteemed student, Aristotle, both appear in the painting "The School of Athens" by which Renaissance master?
    Leonardo da Vinci

5. Which subject does Socrates discuss in "Euthyphro"?
    The purpose of art and music
    Piety, and our duties toward the gods
    How to determine if a war is just
    The need to discipline children properly

6. In Plato's "Crito," Crito tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Socrates to do which of the following things?
    become the new king of Athens
    renounce his philosophy
    urge the masses to rise up in revolt
    flee from Athens

7. What is the subject of Plato's "The Symposium"?

8. In "The Symposium", what Greek playwright suggests that all human beings are seeking their missing other halves?

9. Which of Plato's works describes the trial of Socrates, and Socrates' defense against charges that he was corrupting the youth of Athens?
    The Apology

10. According to Plato's "Phaedo," what was Socrates' demeanor in his cell, as he awaited his pending execution?
    Angered by the injustice of his sentence
    Pleasant, calm and resigned to his fate
    Saddened and depressed
    Extremely afraid

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