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Who Am I?

Created by XanaduBaby

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Who Am I game quiz
"I will give you the animated character and you choose the actor/actress who voiced that character. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. He just couldn't wait to be king. Who is the voice of the adult Simba in "The Lion King"?
    James Earl Jones
    Nathan Lane
    Jeremy Irons
    Matthew Broderick

2. In "Titan A.E." she fights against "The Dredge" to save the Earth, a far cry from her days spent with that other alien, E.T. Who is this actress?
    Alyssa Milano
    Jodie Foster
    Dee Wallace Stone
    Drew Barrymore

3. Known for playing a psychotic in "Fatal Attraction" and a wicked deceiver in "Dangerous Liasons", this actress makes a 180 degree turn as a nurturing mother in "Tarzan". Who is this extremely talented actress?
    Laura Linney
    Glenn Close
    Minnie Driver
    Kathy Bates

4. Who is the "real genius" that voiced Moses in "The Prince of Egypt"?
    Ralph Fiennes
    Val Kilmer
    William Atherton
    Jeff Goldblum

5. Who is the "angel" who lends her voice to Princess Fiona in "Shrek"?
    Lucy Liu
    Cameron Diaz
    Drew Barrymore
    Demi Moore

6. She became a "friend" to her son's new pal in "The Iron Giant". Which actress lent her voice to Hogarth's mom?
    Courteney Cox
    Jennifer Aniston
    Lisa Kudrow
    Cloris Leachman

7. He's a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. However, in "Mulan", he's a soldier ready to defeat the Huns. Who is this singing dynamo?
    Travis Tritt
    Donny Osmond
    Pat Morita
    Harvey Firestein

8. That's right, he is the Pumpkin King! Who is responsible for the speaking (not singing) voice of Jack Skellington in "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?
    Chris Sarandon
    Paul Rubens
    Vincent Price
    Danny Elfman

9. She will scare you to death in "The Ring" and make you laugh 'til you cry in "Lilo & Stitch". Who is the young actress who gave Lilo life?
    Amanda Bynes
    Kristen Stewart
    Daveigh Chase
    Hilary Duff

10. Which comedian was the voice of two animated feature sidekicks, Donkey from "Shrek" and Mushu from "Mulan"?
    Adam Sandler
    Eddie Murphy
    Martin Lawrence
    David Spade

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Compiled Oct 01 14