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Cincinnati Reds

Created by metallinut

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Cincinnati  Reds game quiz
"This is trivia for the "real" Reds fan, so put on your helmet and step to the plate. If you think you're ready that is."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Name the Reds' first League MVP?
    Johnn Vander Meer
    Frank McCormick
    Bucky Walters
    Ernie Lombardi

2. Who was the first Manager to win 100 games in a season?
    Bill McKechnie
    Fred Hutchinson
    Sparky Anderson
    Jack Hendricks

3. Who recorded the only win in the 1970 World Series for the Reds?
    Don Gullett
    Clay Carroll
    Wayne Merritt
    Gary Nolan

4. What Red singled in the winning run with two outs, in the top of the 9th of game 7 in the 1975 World Series?
    Tony Perez
    Ken Griffey
    Joe Morgan
    Pete Rose

5. In the 1970 World Series, who surrendered the Grand Slam to pitcher Dave Mcnally?
    Tony Cloninger
    Don Gullett
    Wayne Granger
    Ray Washburn

6. Who did the Reds give up to get Pete Rose in 1984?
    Bruce Berenyi
    Woody Fryman
    Dave Engle
    Tom Lawless

7. Who hit the first HR as a Red in Riverfront Stadium?
    Johnny Bench
    Sonny Jackson
    Pete Rose
    Tommy Helms

8. Name the first player the Reds signed as a free agent.
    Paul Blair
    Dave Collins
    Larry Biittner
    Dave Tomlin

9. What Red led the team in HRs in the regular season in 1990?
    Todd Benzinger
    Eric Davis
    Chris Sabo
    Paul O' Neill

10. How many times did Pete Rose hit switch-hit HR's in a game (from both sides of the plate)?

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Compiled Jun 28 12