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Created by barnabas13

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Train game quiz
"Most people have heard of Train, so here's a quiz. On these you'll have to complete the lyric. Have fun and good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Finish the line: "She acts like ______ and walks like ____. Reminds me that there's time to change."
    summer and rain
    angels and God
    winter and snow
    Madonna and Chaplin

2. Finish the line: "Flowers in her _____________. I get the feeling she won't forget."
    golden vase
    evening set
    hotel room
    bedroom table

3. Finish the line: "If I could ride this slide into ______. What would you give to getaway."

4. Finish the line: "But she don't come to ___. She's the one that makes my dreams"

5. Finish the line: "Are you strong enough to ____________? Are you gonna make me yours?"
    stand up tall
    tow the line
    tell the truth
    bow down low

6. Finish the line: "All you ever wanted for me was some time to understand. All I ever wanted for you was ______________________."
    not what you wanted for me
    to make you happy with me
    to see me shining for you
    all the life brought by me

7. Finish the line: "You used to say that there's a time ________________________."
    we all wanted to tell the truth
    I was deserted in the dark soul
    when love stands in the midnight sun
    we all deserve to lose our minds

8. Finish the line: "I know this could be that _____________________. Come on jump to me."
    free fall back to me
    gold bright sun you see
    end to you and me
    end to what you be

9. Finish the line: "Reasons I don't know why I _____________."
    loved you so much
    treated you so cold
    missed you so bad
    acted so so sad

10. Finish the line: "I find that even ____________________."
    death comes slow
    you miss me
    time well spent
    soul comes clean

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Compiled Jun 28 12