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For True Fans of Manchester United

Created by miss g

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Manchester United
For True Fans of Manchester United game quiz
"This quiz includes questions on Manchester United Football Club and players past and present."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where was Ryan Giggs born?

2. Who were the Reds playing when Nicky Butt was dismissed for the first time in senior competition, in January 1996?
    Blackburn Rovers
    West Ham United
    Crewe Alexandra
    Queens Park Rangers

3. On which ground did Paul Scholes make his senior level debut in November 1994?
    The Dell
    Goodison Park
    White Hart Lane
    Vale Park

4. Where in the table, did United finish in Fergie's first full season south of the border?
    runners up

5. Where was George Best born?

6. Against what club did Mark Hughes get his first senior hat trick for United?
    Aston Villa
    Newcastle United

7. Who scored the only goal, as Liverpool inflicted United's first home Premiership defeat of the 2000-01 campaign?
    Danny Murphy
    Michael Owen
    Stephen Gerrard
    Dietmar Hamann

8. Which former United wing-half became a coach at Old Trafford, then lost his life at Munich?
    Bill Foulkes
    Harry Gregg
    Johnny Berry
    Bert Whalley

9. Of the survivors of the Munich air crash, two players never played again. One was an England winger. What was his name?
    Bert Whalley
    Geoff Bent
    Jackie Blanchflower
    Johnny Berry

10. Which Liverpool player once attempted to upset Eric Cantona, by turning down his collar?
    Neil Ruddock
    Bruce Grobbelar
    Mark Wright
    Paul Ince

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Compiled Dec 15 14