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Let's Learn our ABC's the Disney Way - I, J and K

Created by linkan

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Lets Learn our ABCs the Disney Way  I J and K game quiz
"Let's pick up with Disney letters I, J and K now. Thank you to all the people sending great feedback on these quizzes. I'm so glad that I'm helping children have a good time and learning too."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When you go to Disneyland and Disney World you can find hundreds of dolls dressed up in all sorts of unique costumes from all over the world. Do you know the name of this ride in Fantasyland?
    It's a Happy World
    It's a Small World
    It's a Doll's World
    Dolls and Guys

2. You can catch this man running from a giant boulder. Escaping death in an airplane. You can see him finding the "lost ark" in a movie. Do you know this man that you can see in Disney's Hollywood Studios?
    Mickey Mouse
    Donald Duck
    Indiana Jones

3. Ah, you can visit Rome, see the sights of St. Mark's square in Venice. Have you stopped by Milan? You even have Italians in this country. What country is this that you can find in Epcot?

4. This is a fun ride in both Disneyland and Disney World. You can see Sam the trader. He will trade you two of his heads for your head. You can see the backside of waterfalls. You can view fake zebras and elephants. This is a great boat ride. Do you know the name of this ride that starts with the letter J?
    Jungle Gym
    Jungle Boat Ride
    George of the Jungle
    Jungle Cruise

5. This mean man was in both "Aladdin" and the second "Aladdin" movie. I can't give you the name of the second movie, because his name is in there. He tried to hypnotize the Sultan to win his daughter. Do you know this evil man?

6. If you don't have a conscience, you can use this little guy with his hat and umbrella. He'll show you how to be a good boy or girl. He'll keep his eye out for you and he'll try to stop you from going to Pleasure Island too. What is this little cricket's name?
    Judy Cricket
    Jenny Cricket
    Jiminy Cricket
    James Cricket

7. This beautiful princess dated Prince Ali in the movie, "Aladdin". Do you know her name?
    Mary Poppins
    Snow White

8. This is one of easiest rides at Disneyland. You can find this ride in Fantasyland. It's named after a certain King. This King was in the movie "The Sword in the Stone". Do you know this ride that goes round and round. Oh, did I tell you that it starts with the letter K?
    King Arthur's Carrousel
    King Tut's Carrousel
    King Kong's Carrousel
    King Louie's Carrousel

9. I'm one of Winnie the Pooh's friends. I hop around all the time. I have a pouch where I keep my little Roo. Do you know my name?

10. This King has seven daughters, but his youngest is a "problem" child. Her name is Ariel and she's always getting into mischief with her friend Flounder. Do you know this King's name?
    King Tut
    King Triton
    King Kong
    King Louie

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Compiled Sep 16 14