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Hollywood VS Patrick O'Brian

Created by ilyahna

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Hollywood VS Patrick OBrian game quiz
""Master and Commander:The Far Side of the World" versus Patrick O'Brian: although a beautiful, worthy, epic Hollywood adventure courtesy of Peter Weir, how faithfully are the author's characters portrayed in the film, and how much do you know about them?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. According to your literary knowledge, which books concede the most significant plot value toward the movie "Master and Commander?"
    Books One and Books Four
    Books One and Book Ten
    Books One and Books Two
    Books One and Books Eleven

2. One would only be aware of the nature of the meeting between our two main characters, Captain Jack Aubrey and Doctor Stephen Maturin, if one had read the books. Therefore, one would be aware that the two had met through:
    Stephen's need to make a living as a naval surgeon
    Stephen's appointment as a naval surgeon aboard Jack's ship
    Jack's involvement with the cousin of Stephen's future wife
    a mutual interest in music

3. Following the "Hollywood Vs. Literature" theme, there is one quote that is used in the movie that is issued virtually "verbatim" from Patrick O'Brian's first novel. Whom does this quote concern?"
    Horatio Lord Nelson, and his interaction with Jack Aubrey
    Lord Blakeney, on questioning Jack as to the nature of Lord Nelson
    Jack Aubrey, upon success at the Nile
    Stephen Maturin, who objects to Aubrey's actions

4. Reasonably, we don't see evidence of this in the movie, but having read the book, we are to know that our dear doctor has a rather sordid habit. What would that habit be?
    he smokes opium almost daily
    he is fond of young men
    he drinks laudanum in quantity to quiet the demons
    he is an alcoholic, more so than life at sea prescribes

5. What most interesting fact about Dr. Maturin is the moviegoer unaware of, and that while the reader is clued in, Jack Aubrey does not even realize (at least, not at first)?
    he is in fact not Irish
    he is a spy for the crown
    he never finished his medical training
    he is actually a royal relative

6. Something happened to one of these characters in the movie that also happened to one Mr. Day in the book. Who was it?
    Dr. Maturin
    Lt. Mowett
    able seaman Joe Plaice
    Lt. Pullings

7. If it hadn't been for Dr. Maturin, we might not have had a movie at all, as Jack would more than likely have expired where?
    at Port Mahon, where he was almost involved in a duel with Admiral Harte
    at sea, during the attack on the Cacafuego
    extracting Jack from France at the resumption of war
    at sea, of scurvy

8. If it hadn't been for Captain Aubrey, we might not have had a movie at all, for Stephen more than likely would have expired where?
    in Port Mahon, being tortured as a suspected spy
    in the sea, after falling in (he can't swim)
    at sea, after a violent argument with a wicked midshipman
    in France, when war is declared, and he must be smuggled out

9. Stephen and Jack once fully intended to settle their differences by fighting a duel. Stephen even borrowed a pair of pistols and practised his deadly aim. What was this duel over?
    a woman, of course
    Jack refused to allow Stephen to discontinue his service as ship's surgeon
    Jack threatened to reveal Stephen's true identity
    a violent disaggrement over politics

10. Just for fun, if you'd read the stories, there are two blatent physical differences concerning O'Brian's descriptions of Aubrey and Maturin and the Hollywood impression. In the books:
    Stephen was shorter than Jack, and Jack was fat
    Stephen was much more bulky, and Jack always wore a beard
    Stephen was pale and blonde, Jack was dark haired
    Stephen kept his hair long, and Jack kept his closely cropped

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