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Strother Martin - I recognize the face

Created by rblayer

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Strother Martin  I recognize the face game quiz
"From "Dragnet" to "I Love Lucy" to "Gilligan's Island" and hosting "Saturday Night Live" three months before his death, we have all seen Strother Martin's face in scores of great movies. How well do you remember this fine character actor?"

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1. Strother's first film appearance was an uncredited role as a springboard diver in this 1950 move. Which one was it?
    The City of the Damned
    The Dam Busters
    The Damned
    The Damned Don't Cry

2. Strother had another 1950 bit part appearance in this John Huston film, which included a young Marilyn Monroe in the large cast, can you name the film?
    The Blackboard Jungle
    Rama of the Jungle
    The Jungle
    The Asphalt Jungle

3. Strother was in several Paul Newman movies. In 1977 he played McGrath, the owner of a failing ice hockey team. Which movie was this?
    Slap Shot
    Fire on Ice
    The Mighty Ducks
    The Penalty Box

4. Strother played an inept Indian agent named Agard in this hilarious John Wayne western. Can you name the film?
    The Searchers
    Tie a Yellow Ribbon
    Fort Apache

5. Strother was even a regular on a 1959 television western starring Earl Holiman. Which program was this?
    The Roughriders
    Yancy Derringer
    Hotel de Paree

6. As Jeb Ross, Strother Martin won Dean Martin's glass eye in a barroom raffle in this 1965 the movie?
    The Sons of Katie Elder
    The War Wagon
    The Alamo
    Cast a Giant Shadow

7. He played Floyd, a henchman to the main villain in which of the following western classics?
    How the West Was Won
    Little Big Man
    The Way West
    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

8. To show his great versatility, Strother played the small role of Thrum in this 1959 Disney film?
    Darby O'Gill and the Little People
    The Love Bug
    Davy Crockett and the Wild Frontier
    The Shaggy Dog

9. Perhaps Martin's most lasting tribute was creating the catch-phrase, "What we have here is a failure to communicate," from which classic movie?
    The Chain Gang
    Cool Hand Luke
    Hard Times
    Eat My Dust

10. Martin's only recognition for a lifetime of great acting roles, was a Golden Globe nomination as supporting actor in this short-lived James Stewart television series.
    Better Late than Never
    One of Our Own
    Hawkins on Murder

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