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Totally Miscellaneous Trivia V

Created by lfhaines

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Impossible
Totally Miscellaneous Trivia V game quiz
"Here we go again. Another in my trivia series."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the original 48 states didn't have an active United States Navy Battleship named after it?

2. Abraham Lincoln was a postmaster in which Illinois city?
    New Salem

3. Which American millionaire's uncle wrote "Jingle Bells"?
    Bill Gates
    J. Pierpont Morgan
    Andrew Carnegie
    Cornelius Vanderbilt

4. Who was the first "Miss America"?
    Heather Whitestone
    Bette Cooper
    Donna Axum
    Margaret Gorman

5. What is the origin of the word "Kansas"?
    Indian word for "flat plain"
    The Sioux word for "south wind people"
    A corruption of the word "Kansan" meaning farmer
    A shortening of the name of the state of Arkansas

6. What is the tallest building in San Diego, California?
    Emerald-Shapery Center
    Symphony Tower
    One American Plaza
    Hyatt Regency

7. If there is a string stretched all the way around the world (approximately 25,000 miles long), how much additional string would be necessary to make it hover 1" above the earth's surface?
    3000 miles
    6000 yards
    6.28 inches
    6 miles

8. Who was the World Chess Champion from 1960 to 1961?
    Tigran Petrosian
    Mikhail Botvinnik
    Mikhail Tal
    Boris Spassky

9. How many countries are in the Commonwealth (formally known as the British Commonwealth)?

10. According to Douglas Adams, what is the answer to the "Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything?"
    Butter buds
    There is no answer

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Compiled May 16 14