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1959 TV Westerns - Number 1

Created by rblayer

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1959 TV Westerns  Number 1 game quiz
"If you are, or were a western fan, 1959 was your year. With over 40 prime time shows on the air, you could catch a 'bang bang shoot 'em up' just about any time. I'll give a summary, you pick the series."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A post Civil War former Confederate army private drifts through the West.
    The Texas
    The Restless Gun
    The Rebel

2. An ex-gunfighter becomes the sheriff of a small town, and keeps the peace with his deputy, Cully.
    The Lawman
    Johnny Ringo
    The Deputy
    U.S. Marshall

3. Agent Jim Hardie relates stories of the wild west and dealing with outlaws.
    U.S. Marshall
    Overland Trail
    Tales of Wells Fargo
    Tombstone Territory

4. During the California gold rush, Sheriff Matthew Wayne tries to keep law and order in a wild San Francisco.
    Shotgun Slade
    Colt .45
    Man from Blackhawk
    The Californians

5. Burt Reynolds got his start on this series.
    Wagon Train

6. Operating on secret orders from President U.S. Grant this group fought Mexican bandits along the Rio Grande.
    Frontier Justice
    McKenzie's Raiders
    Texas John Slaughter

7. Instead of a gun-toting cowboy, this unique series centered around a crusading newspaper reporter.
    Man Without a Gun
    The Man from Blackhawk
    The Westerner
    Law of the Plainsman

8. This was Henry Fonda's only western TV series.
    US Marshall
    The Deputy
    The Lawman

9. This series was based on the real life exploits of a Texas Ranger fighting Indians and outlaws. Hint: His white Stetson hat was flipped up in the front.
    US Marshall
    Tales of the Texas Rangers
    Texas John Slaughter
    The Texas

10. As westerns were becoming more plentiful and similar, this series had a modern jazz score instead of more common western/cowboy music.
    The Restless Gun
    The Rifleman
    Shotgun Slade
    Colt .45

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