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Aussie Lingo Fun

Created by Kelvey

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Australian Lingo
Aussie Lingo Fun game quiz
"Planning a trip to Australia? Here are some words you may want to be familiar with. Good luck, mate!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If an Australian offered you a cuppa, how might you respond?
    Graciously decline and say you're allergic to the skin of that fruit.
    Graciously accept and say the chocolate-filled pastries are a favorite of yours.
    Graciously accept and say you like sugar in your tea.
    Graciously decline and say you just had another dish of custard an hour ago.

2. If you're an Australian wearing your togs, to which of these places would you most likely be going?
    to the snow fields
    to a golf course
    to a beach
    to an opera

3. If you're visiting an Australian museum and your tour guide is now taking you to see the didgeridoo collection, which of these can you anticipate seeing?
    some Aboriginal hunting masks
    some Aboriginal cutting tools
    some Aboriginal fertility idols
    some Aboriginal wind instruments

4. If you're fossicking in Australia, what are you doing?
    Trying to come up with a good excuse for being late.
    Mining for gold, opals, or some other precious gem.
    Whining about having to attend another social function.
    Kayaking down a river that's closed because the current is too high.

5. If you were an Australian searching for a slippery dip, what would you be searching for?
    a fruit slushie
    a slide
    a roller coaster
    a harmonica

6. If your Australian friend offered you a cackleberry for breakfast, what might your answer be?
    Sure! I'd prefer my juice with sugar to counteract its tartness.
    Sure! I'd prefer my pastry with a fruit filling rather than a creme one.
    Sure! I'd prefer my fruit with the seeds already removed.
    Sure! I'd prefer my egg scrambled or over easy.

7. If you're listening to an Australian weatherman and he says, "It's going to be cold out today; wear your skivvy!", what would you put on?
    your hat
    your sweater
    your coat
    your turtleneck

8. If you're out with an Australian friend and she warns you to avoid someone because he's crook, what would you understand?
    He's sick.
    He'll try to sell you something.
    He's deceitful.
    He's out on bail.

9. If you were an Australian wanting to buy a chook, where would you go?
    a candle store
    a fabric store
    a grocery store
    a clothing store

10. If an Australian says to you, "Look out for that brumby!", what should you do?
    Salivate. Hot barbecue always tastes good.
    Hide. Maybe she didn't see you jaywalking.
    Run. A wild horse is coming your way.
    Duck. A ball is heading in your direction.

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Compiled Nov 21 14