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Black Sheep Squadron

Created by star999

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Black Sheep Squadron
Black Sheep Squadron game quiz
"These are questions about one of my favorite shows! Some answers will require knowledge of "Black Sheep Squadron's" actors' other roles."

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1. When "Black Sheep Squadron" was first aired what was the series first called?
    Answer: (4 Words)

2. Which actor played Maj. Gregory Boyington on the show?
    Dirk Blocker
    James Whitmore Jr.
    Robert Ginty
    Robert Conrad

3. What was Capt. James Gutterman's nickname on the show?
    Answer: (3 letters)

4. Who is one of the producers of "Black Sheep Squadron"?
    Robert Conrad
    Greg Farda
    Dirk Blocker
    Donald P. Bellisario

5. Which actor, in "Black Sheep Squadron", also plays Big Bud Roberts in "JAG"?
    Robert Conrad
    Jeff MacKay
    Frank Julius
    Herman Delia

6. What was Greg Boyington's nickname on "Black Sheep Squadron"?
    Answer: (One Word)

7. What was the dog's name on "Black Sheep Squadron"?
    Lil Greg

8. What young, blond fighter pilot was introduced in episode 31, "Forbidden Fruit"?
    Jeb Pruitt
    Jim Gutterman
    T.J. Wiley
    Jerry Bragg

9. Do any of Robert Conrad's children play on the show?

10. What year did "Black Sheep Squadron" first come on the air in the United States?

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Compiled Jun 28 12