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Milwaukee Brewers

Created by brwcrw743

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Milwaukee Brewers game quiz
"Hey Brewers fans. I hope you like this quiz."

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1. When did the Brewers first start to play in Milwaukee?

2. The name of the 2003 AAA team is the High Desert Mavericks.

3. In December 2003 the Brewers traded Richie Sexson, Shance Nance, and another player to which team?
    Detroit Tigers
    San Diego Padres
    New York Yankees
    Arizona Diamondbacks

4. What was the name of the Brewer catcher in 2003 who caught Greg Maddux in Atlanta?
    Eddie Perez
    Jonny Estrada
    Keith Osik
    Henry Blanco

5. Scott Podsednik was the Brewers 2nd baseman in 2003.

6. Who was the starting right fielder in 2003 for the Brewers?
    Peter Zocolillio
    Jason Conti
    John Vander Wal
    Brady Clark

7. Who was the Brewer's closer after the All-Star Break in 2003?
    Mike DeJean
    Dan Kolb
    Glendon Rusch
    Dave Burba

8. Glendon Rusch was designated for assignment (AAA) in 2003.

9. Which former Ranger and Blue Jays pitcher in 2003, ended up as a Brewer for the season?
    Ben Diggins
    Mike Buddie
    Doug Davis
    Jason Childers

10. In 2003, the Brewers record was 56-106.

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Compiled Jun 28 12