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"Samurai X: Trust" and "Betrayal"

Created by Gunshot

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Samurai X Trust and Betrayal game quiz
"Enter the world of Battusai the Manslayer in "Samurai X: Trust" and "Samurai X: Betrayal"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Before meeting Master Hiko, what name did Kenshin go by?

2. What fragrance can Tomoe be recognized by?
    White Plums

3. What was the name of the group of swordsman that attacked an Imperialist meeting?
    The Slayers
    The Oni-Waban Group
    The Shinsengumi
    The Shogunate

4. Who gave Kenshin the first scar on his cheek?
    Tomoe's Fiancee
    The Shinsengumi
    An Assassin

5. Who killed Tomoe's Fiancee?
    Master Hiko
    The Shinsengumi

6. What is Master Hiko's relationship with Kenshin?
    He saved Kenshin's life and made him his pupil
    He killed Kenshin's family and made him his slave
    He bought Kenshin from slave traders
    He won Kenshin in a bet

7. At the end of the movie, Kenshin swung his sword, killing Tomoe and who else?
    The Leader of the Shinsengumi
    The Leader of the Shogunate
    Tomoe's Fiancee

8. Katsura agreed to what, in exchange for Kenshin's services?
    To kill the leader of the Shogunate
    To fight for the Shinsengumi
    To never again draw his sword
    To fight for the Imperialists

9. Which was NOT one of the weapons used by the Shogunate assassins during the fianl attack on Kenshin?
    An Axe
    A Rifle
    A Sword
    A Guantlet with Claws

10. Tomoe carried what weapon around with her?
    A sword
    A dagger
    A pistol
    She did not have a weapon

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Compiled Jun 28 12