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"Odd Couple" Guest Stars

Created by robert362

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Odd Couple Guest Stars game quiz
"This was a superior sitcom thanks (in large part) to Klugman and Randall."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Felix and Oscar disguise themselves in order to get on Monty Hall's "Let's Make A Deal". What is their disguise?

2. Which celebrity does NOT appear on the show?
    Edward Villella
    David Steinberg
    All three appear at different times
    Dick Cavett

3. Singer Richard Fredericks gets injured in one of Oscar's softball games, so Oscar has to stand in for the injured Fredericks in an opera that Felix is producing. Which opera is it?
    Barber of Seville

4. Felix "hustles" Bobby Riggs. At what task does Felix defeat Riggs?
    Cooking better
    Holding a note longer
    Cleaning better
    Typing faster

5. Football player Bubba Smith helps Felix by giving him an opinion as to what?
    Spot Remover

6. Roy Clark appears in one episode as "Wild Willie". Which statement is true?
    Oscar enjoys his pranks, Felix does not
    Both enjoy his pranks
    Felix enjoys his pranks, Oscar does not
    Neither enjoys his pranks

7. Which celebrity appears on the show?
    Paul Williams
    Frankie Avalon
    Paul Anka
    Frankie Valli

8. What does Felix try to do for Jaye P. Morgan?
    Introduce her act by telling jokes
    Paint her portrait
    Write a song for her
    Photograph her act

9. Howard Cosell gets Oscar to inadvertently admit something on the air. What is it?
    Oscar is involved with a married woman
    Oscar is losing his memory
    Oscar is drinking too much
    Oscar bets on the ballgames

10. Betty White appears as a celebrity contestant on what game show?
    The Price is Right

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Compiled Jun 28 12