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My Memories Of "Dallas" Pt. 2

Created by Gamemaster1967

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My Memories Of Dallas Pt 2 game quiz
"More tidbits and trivia from recalling the Ewings on Soapnet. This covers season six of "Dallas" only."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Timothy Patrick Murphy played Ray's cousin Mickey Trotter.

2. How much time did Jock's will state Bobby and JR had to prove their leadership of Ewing Oil?
    18 months
    12 months
    6 months
    This was not part of Jock's will

3. After her ordeal with Roger the photographer, Lucy is reluctant to return to work. She spends her days laying around watching television. Pam shakes her back into reality and Lucy does decide to return to her modeling. This time she asks for and receives a female photographer named ________.

4. When JR needed a variance to pump to capacity, which member of the OLM did he blackmail?
    Answer: (first or full name, first seen in "Aftermath")

5. How did Cliff beat JR out of the refinery deal with Gil Thurman?
    JR never knew about the deal
    Cliff did not beat JR, the refinery burned down
    JR did not know about the deal in time
    Afton slept with Gil

6. Who is the first man Miss Ellie dates after legally declaring Jock dead?
    Howard Keel
    Clayton Farlow
    Frank Crutcher
    Walt Driscoll

7. Who were the two men from Canada, trying to make a deal for crude oil with both Bobby and Cliff?
    Thorn and Garrett MacIntosh
    Thornton and Jarrett McLeish
    Thornton and Gary McDaniel
    Tyler and Jarrett MacKenzie

8. After last seeing Cliff's sister Katherine in season five's "The Investigation", do we see her return in season six?

9. When Lucy was divorcing Mitch, who played her lawyer Phillip Colton?
    Answer: (1 or 2 words, first or last name only or full name)

10. Who did actor Tom Fuccello portray on "Dallas"?
    Dave Culver
    Roger Larson
    Amos Krebbs
    Mickey Trotter

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Compiled Jun 28 12