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Music Chain

Created by kizlode

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Music Chain game quiz
"Twenty five questions, the information on each answer links to the next question and the last links back to the first completing the chain. Each question stands on it's own, but can you guess the links as well as answer the questions?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Beatles first single was 'Love Me Do' released in October 1962, what song was on the B-side?
    Ask Me Why
    P.S. I Love You
    This Boy
    Thank You Girl

2. Who did Ozzy Osbourne duet with on the single 'Close My Eyes Forever' in 1989?
    Joan Jett
    Pat Benatar
    Lita Ford
    Ann Wilson

3. The instrumental track 'Fluff' which appears on the album 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', is dedicated (and named after) which British DJ?
    Dave Lee Travis
    Tommy Vance
    Noel Edmunds
    Alan Freeman

4. A cover version of which Yardbirds song appears on the live album 'Rainbow on Stage', and also on the studio album 'Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow'?
    Still I'm Sad
    Heart Full of Soul
    I Wish You Would
    For Your Love

5. Deep Purple were named after Ritchie Blackmore's mother's favourite song.

6. On which Frank Zappa studio album does the track 'Peaches en Regalia' first appear?
    Chunga's Revenge
    Shiek Yerbouti
    Zoot Allures
    Hot Rats

7. Which other guitar hero taught Steve Vai to play?
    Joe Satriani
    Brian May
    Carlos Santana
    Jimmy Page

8. In 1991 Ry Cooder teamed up with Nick Lowe, John Hiatt, and Jim Keltner. What was the name of their band?
    Little Village
    Small Town
    Lowe, Keltner, Hiatt, Cooder
    Cooder, Hiatt, Keltner, Lowe

9. Bill Wyman was the only original member of the Rolling Stones to change his name. What is his real name?
    William Perks
    William Young
    William Williams
    William Grace

10. On their 1971 album 'Long Player' the Faces did a cover version of Paul McCartney's 'Maybe I'm Amazed'.

11. Which famous British blues artist gave Free their name?
    Brian Auger
    John Mayall
    Alexis Korner
    Long John Baldry

12. The Firm, a supergroup featuring Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers, covered which 60's classic on their debut album in 1985?
    You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
    The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
    Unchained Melody
    No Regrets

13. Who recorded the original version of the Manfred Mann's Earth Band hit, 'Blinded by the Light'?
    Bruce Springsteen
    Tom Petty
    Bob Dylan
    Billy Joel

14. The Wings album 'Venus and Mars' contained a version of which British TV soap opera theme tune?
    Coronation Street
    Emmerdale Farm

15. The Moody Blues song 'So Deep Within You' from their 'Threshold of a Dream' album was recorded and issued as a single by the Four Tops.

16. Which was the first Yes album to feature a cover by fantasy artist Roger Dean?
    Close to the Edge
    The Yes Album
    Tales From Topographic Oceans

17. Which Frankie Goes to Hollywood song went to #1 in the UK charts after being banned by the BBC?
    Two Tribes
    Warriors of the Wasteland
    The Power of Love

18. In 1992 Gary Moore issued a single called 'Since I Met You Baby'. Which blues legend did he duet with on this single?
    B. B. King
    Albert Collins
    Albert King
    John Lee Hooker

19. Which New Romantic singer joined Irish rockers Thin Lizzy as a guitarist for two months in 1979?
    David Gahan
    Midge Ure
    Simon Le Bon
    Phil Oakey

20. Lemmy from Motorhead started out his career as a roadie for Eric Clapton.

21. Which Sci-fi writer often joined Hawkwind on stage at gigs and co-wrote a sci-fi book based on the band?
    Arthur C Clarke
    Ian Watson
    Harry Harrison
    Michael Moorcock

22. Public Image Ltd released two live albums, the first was recorded in Paris, but which city was the second one recorded in?
    New York

23. Sid Vicious was the bass guitarist with the Sex Pistols but he had previously been a member of Siouxsie and the Banshees, which instrument did he play at that time?
    Lead Guitar
    Bass Guitar

24. For which 1984 Alex Cox movie did Iggy Pop sing the theme song?
    Sid and Nancy
    Repo Man
    Fire Girl
    Zombie Birdhouse

25. It is well known that David Bowie appeared on Bing Crosby's last Christmas special and sang a duet with Bing, but what song did Bowie sing on his own on the same show?
    Young Americans
    Golden Years
    The Beauty and the Beast

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