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Lord of Chaos

Created by Lord Wraith

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Lord of Chaos game quiz
"Trivia from the sixth book in Robert Jordan's magnificent "Wheel of Time" series to challenge dedicated fans!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The chant from the children's game that ends, "Let the Lord of Chaos rule" was heard in what nation?
    Great Arvalon
    Mar Haddon

2. Who brings a seemingly frivolous argument before Faile for her to adjudicate?
    Zarmad Avin and Rea Sheffar
    Sharmad Zeffar and Rhea Avin
    Sharmad Avin and Rhea Zeffar
    Zarmad Sheffar and Rea Avin

3. When Mat's efforts to bandy words with Betse Silvin in The Golden Stag go not at all the way he wanted, what tune does Talmanes hum?
    Tinker in the Kitchen
    The Pit of Doom
    The Wagoner's Whip
    A Frog on the Ice

4. Who informs Morgase, "I heard that Rand al'Thor displays the Lion Throne like a trophy from the hunt?"

5. After Maerone, the Band of the Red Hand come across a burned-out Tinker's wagon and a number of dead, including women and children. What portenteous phrase is written in shaky letters, standing out darker than the wood of the wagon bottom?
    Tell Rand al'Thor
    Tell Lews Therin Kinslayer
    Tell the Car'a'carn
    Tell the Dragon Reborn

6. Who tells Egwene she is to be the next Amyrlin Seat?

7. True or False: When Min finally arrives in Caemlyn, it is Sulin that escorts her into the Royal Palace.

8. What are the rhyming lyrics in the second verse of "The Color of Trust"?
    Dark, bark, breath, death
    Flowing, growing, breath, death
    Growing, flowing, breath, death
    Bark, dark, breath, death

9. True or False: Thirty thousand Shaido were involved in the battle at Dumai's Wells.

10. Who provides the translation for the exerpt from "The Prophecies of the Dragon" at the end of the book?
    Jaric Mondoran
    Jorille Mondevin
    Jalid Magonine
    Jeorad Manyard

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