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"Fool For Love"

Created by flopsey

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Fool For Love game quiz
"This quiz is based on my favourite episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What does Buffy say to the vampire that stakes her?
    Did you smell this bad when you were alive?
    You're a vamp, you're bad.
    You smell so bad.
    Did you look this bad when you were alive?

2. What does Spike say every Slayer has?
    An arch enemy
    A life span of 10 years
    A death wish
    A stake

3. How, where, did Spike kill the second Slayer in New York?
    Broke her neck, on a train
    He staked her, in a street
    He bit her, in a warehouse
    He drowned her, in her house

4. What status does Spike have, according to Cecily and Buffy?
    He is beneath them.
    He is equal to them.
    He is above them.
    He is a bad poet.

5. There are four bullets in the rifle that Spike was going to use to kill Buffy.

6. When Spike kills his first Slayer, Angel seems tetchy about it, why?
    Angel has a soul.
    Angel wants Drusilla.
    Angel is jealous of Spike.
    Angel is in love with the Slayer Spike killed

7. In total, how many vampires were dusted?

8. Why was Spike known as 'William the Bloody'?
    He wrote bloody, awful poetry.
    He liked leaving trails of blood.
    He impaled his victims on rail road spikes.
    He killed two slayers.

9. What does Spike say 'Slayer's blood' is?
    An aphrodisiac
    A rush

10. Buffy gets stabbed with her own stake and then stakes the vampire back.

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Compiled Jun 28 12