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The Oscars - Best Actor

Created by Oddball

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The Oscars  Best Actor game quiz
"I describe the actor's character that garnered the Academy Award for Best Actor, you give me the actor who earned it. Some information courtesy of ''."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Peter Warne, an unemployed reporter who escorts a flighty runaway socialite for a scoop and, instead, falls in love with her:
    Red Buttons
    Kevin Costner
    Clark Gable
    Wallace Beery

2. The title character, a backwoods sharpshooter with a conscience who becomes a reluctant hero in World War One:
    James Stewart
    Paul Muni
    George Arliss
    Gary Cooper

3. A dual role, as Tim Strawn, a disfigured hired killer, and his brother Kid Sheleen, a dime store gunfighter turned drunk:
    Ernest Borgnine
    Walter Brennan
    Gary Cooper
    Lee Marvin

4. 'Popeye' Doyle, a New York detective in search of an overseas shipment of illegal drugs:
    Clint Eastwood
    Christopher George
    Ed Asner
    Gene Hackman

5. The title character, a severely mentally challenged man who becomes a supergenius through the miracle of science:
    Robert Redford
    AL Pacino
    Cliff Robertson
    Sydney Poitier

6. Another title character, he was a prince-turned-slave who rose back to prominence in ancient Rome during the time of Christ:
    Peter Ustinov
    Victor Mature
    Michael Redgrave
    Charlton Heston

7. Antonio Salieri, a musical contemporary and jealous rival of Wolfgang Mozart:
    Ben Kingsley
    Ralph Richardson
    Geoffrey Rush
    F. Murray Abraham

8. 'Rooster' Cogburn, a 'one-eyed fat man', a U.S. marshall hired by a teenage girl to hunt down a killer:
    Spencer Tracy
    John Wayne
    Jon Voight
    Anthony Quinn

9. Claus Von Bulow, a socialite accused of attempting to murder his wife:
    Peter Fonda
    Daniel Day Lewis
    John Malkovich
    Jeremy Irons

10. Raymond Babbitt, an 'idiot savant' who is taken underwing by his brother:
    Dustin Hoffman
    Arthur Kennedy
    Robert Redford
    Al Pacino

11. Atticus Finch, a Southern lawyer and single parent hired to defend a black man accused of rape:
    Robert Mitchum
    Gregory Peck
    Tony Curtis
    Robert Alda

12. Colonel Nicholson, a W.W.II British P.O.W. ordered by his Japanese captors to build a structure, unaware of its impending demolition:
    Ralph Richardson
    Richard Harris
    Peter O'Toole
    Alec Guinness

13. Willie Stark, an honest, homespun politician caught up and engulfed in the dirty side of politics:
    Ernest Borgnine
    Broderick Crawford
    Humphrey Bogart
    Allan Jones

14. Guido Orefice, a happy-go-lucky optimist trying to survive in Fascist Italy:
    Peter Sellers
    Anthony Quinn
    Roberto Benigni
    Max Von Sydow

15. Christy Brown, a severely handicapped man who learns how to express himself as an artist and author using a single appendage:
    Geoffrey Rush
    Nicholas Cage
    Michael Douglas
    Daniel Day Lewis

16. Andrew Beckett, an ex-attorney suffering from AIDS, attempting to sue his former law office:
    Tom Hanks
    Denzel Washington
    Tom Cruise
    Rob Lowe

17. Elliot Garfield, a struggling actor forced to share an apartment with an actor-hating single mother:
    Elliott Gould
    Robin Williams
    Richard Dreyfuss
    Robert De Niro

18. Norman Thayer Jr., a retired 'old poop' attempting to bond with his daughter on a summer retreat:
    Van Johnson
    Paul Newman
    Henry Fonda
    Spencer Tracy

19. Don Birnam, an alchoholic experiencing cause-and-effect of a four-day binge:
    Ray Milland
    Lee Marvin
    Nicolas Cage
    Dudley Moore

20. Mr. Chipping, an ageing teacher and former headmaster of a British school looking back on his career:
    Alec Guinness
    Leslie Howard
    John Gielgud
    Robert Donat

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