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"American Idol" Singles

Created by memorylane42

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American Idol  Singles game quiz
"For all of you "American Idol" fans, a moment like this is the perfect time to take the lyrics challenge. Just finish the lines from these three great winning tunes by Kelly, Ruben, and Clay. Enjoy the experience!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Kelly Clarkson sang these lyrics in her 2002 hit single: "A moment like this. Some people wait a ..." Can you complete this line?
    Answer: (One Word, 8 letters)

2. Can you complete this lyrical statement from Kelly Clarkson's single record of the first season of "American Idol"? "For a moment like this. Some people search forever. For that one..."
    great moment
    perfect thrill
    special hit
    special kiss

3. Fill in the missing words from Kelly Clarkson's (2002) single "A Moment Like This"? "Everything changes, but...Something so tender, I can't explain"
    beauty remains
    greatness remains
    life's still a game
    love is the same

4. Kelly Clarkson's "American Idol"I single ends with these lines: "Oh I can't believe it's happening to me. Some people wait a lifetime for a..."
    Answer: (3 words)

5. Which contestants sang "A Moment Like This" during the final competition of the first season of "American Idol" in 2002?
    Kelly Clarkson only
    both Kelly and Justin
    Justin Guarini only
    neither Kelly nor Justin

6. Ruben Studdard sang these lines from his 2003 hit single, from the second "American Idol" series. What elusive goal is he referring to? "Everybody's looking for that something. One thing that..."
    brings them to their feet
    makes it all complete
    happens when they meet
    can not be beat

7. Where does Ruben Studdard believe that one special thing can be found in his popular single record from "American Idol" (season 2)? "You'll find it in the strangest places. Places you never..."
    Knew it could be
    thought you would see
    expected to find it
    dreamed of before

8. Complete this line from Ruben Studdard's 2003 hit single. "Who can deny the joy it brings when you find that special thing. You're flying..."
    Answer: (Two Words, 7,&5 letters)

9. Ruben Studdard sings about a special dream in his 2003 hit single from the second season of "American Idol". Can you identify it? "You've got to fight for every dream. Cause who's to know which one you let go..."
    might have been very sweet
    could have conquered defeat
    would have made you complete
    would have lifted your feet

10. Ruben Studdard ends his winning single from "American Idol" (season 2) with these lines: "And you're the place my life begins, and you'll be where it ends. I'm flying without wings. And that's the joy you bring. I"m..."
    Answer: (three words, you know the answer))

11. Can you complete these lines from Clay Aiken's hit single from the second season of "American Idol"? "If you told me that is what heaven is, well you'd be right. I've been waiting forever for this..."
    turn on the light
    This is the night
    fly with me tonight
    please hold me tight

12. What does Clay Aiken question, that he is holding back, in these lines from his "American Idol" hit single (of 2003)? "When the answer to all my dreams is as close as a touch away. Why am I here holding back..."
    on this beautiful day
    what won't go away
    What I"m trying to say
    All you want me to say

13. What personal adventure does Clay Aiken foresee in these lines from his popular 2003 single, "This Is The Night"? "Hold me close to your heart. I would go with you to the end of the earth..."
    we won't part
    and I'll try
    and we'll fly
    and we'll start

14. What life changing event does Clay Aiken anticipate in these lines from his ("American Idol"2) single? "This is the night when we capture forever and all our tomorrows begin. After tonight we'll never..."
    go flying again
    need to defend
    be lonely again
    want to pretend

15. Clay Aiken ends his 2003 "American Idol" single with these lines."I would go with you to the end of the earth and we'll fly. I'd been waiting forever for this. This is..."
    Answer: (two Words (no further clues needed))

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