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A Souvenir Tour of the U.S.

Created by crisw

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A Souvenir Tour of the US game quiz
"Ever looked at your souvenir shelf and thought about where you got all that junk? This quiz is for you!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. So I jumped into my car in my home state and headed north. In the capital, I picked up a tiny replica of the capitol building, complete with the gold dome on top, and a T-shirt that said 'Welcome to the Golden State'. I got some of those cool rubber raisins from the commercial too- I can even bend them into different poses! I was in...

2. I drove through one of my favorite cities, often known as the City of Roses. I got a pretty postcard with roses on it. It was a hot day, so I took a swim in one of the public fountains downtown, then headed to Powell's Books for an Italian soda and some browsing. My friends preferred to try and find some Rogue River Ale. I was in...
    Boise, ID
    Seattle, WA
    Portland, OR
    Missoula, MT

3. Heading north from the City of Roses, I came to the original home of Starbucks Coffee. In a tawdry little souvenir shop, I picked up a statue of an elk that was made out of compressed ash from Mount Saint Helens. I was in...

4. In the tiny town of New Salem, I paused to admire the world's largest fiberglass Holstein cow. I picked up a picture postcard of 'Salem Sue' to remember her by. I also visited the International Peace Garden. I was in ...
    South Dakota
    North Dakota

5. It wouldn't be a trip without some Mackinac Island fudge. And I desperately needed to replace my T-shirt honoring the Wolverines. So I got what I needed in ...

6. I had a hard time driving through the city that is said to have the worst drivers in the United States, but I absolutely had to add a plastic statue of Paul Revere to my collection. I was in ...
    New York, NY
    Detroit, MI
    Chicago, IL
    Boston, MA

7. My next purchase was a plastic Uncle Sam bank. When you put a coin in Uncle's hand, his satchel opened and he dropped it in. The money disappeared. This seemed very fitting, because I bought him in ...
    Washington, D.C.

8. You know, a trip like this just isn't complete without a pecan log from Stuckey's - one of those childhood memories you always want to revisit. So I visited the site of the original Stuckey's, saw the monument there, and drove to a nearby Stuckey's to get the real thing. I also stopped by the Peach Festival so that I could get a T-shirt that read 'I Visited the Peach State'. I was in ...
    South Carolina

9. In the Sooner State, I drove to Sapulpa and visited the Frankoma pottery factory so I could round out my Wagon Wheel dinnerware collection with a prairie green casserole. I was in ...
    South Dakota

10. I stopped in what is sometimes called 'Sin City' to equip my car with some fuzzy dice. I was in the state of ...
    New Mexico

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Compiled May 10 14