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A Little "Magnum, P.I." Trivia

Created by betterjester

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A Little Magnum PI Trivia game quiz
"Who doesn't miss Tom Selleck driving around Hawaii in the Ferrari? Here's a little quiz to bring back the memories."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What gift did Magnum's father give him before leaving for Korea?
    Cigar clipper
    Rubber chicken
    Tigers ballcap

2. What was Magnum's rank when he first left the Navy?
    Lt. Commander

3. When Magnum is lying in a coma from a gunshot wound, Mac acts as his Angel of Death. When Mac tries to explain the situation to Magnum, he says that "time has little to do with infinity and ________."
    Answer: (Two Words; It's a food item.)

4. We meet a number of the characters' family members during the series. Which of the following didn't we meet?
    Higgins's father
    Rick's sister
    Magnum's sister
    TC's daughter

5. In a twist on the usual hero, Magnum commits murder at the end of one episode. Colonel Ivan captured and tortured Magnum and TC (among others) during the war. He arrived in the islands and killed Mac in an attempt to kill Magnum. The government could do nothing but kick Colonel Ivan out of the country. Magnum stops him on the way to the airport and, right before he kills him, Magnum asks Colonel Ivan, "Did you see _________ this morning?"
    Answer: (Two Words; First word "the")

6. Which of the following actors never guest-starred on "Magnum, PI"?
    Sharon Stone
    Tyne Daly
    Ted Danson
    Scott Bakula

7. When Magnum finally gets Lily back (after thinking she died with Michelle), who meets Magnum at a church to hand her over?
    Buck Greene
    Maggie Poole

8. What is the name of TC's helicopter service?
    Answer: (Two words)

9. The creators of "Magnum, PI" reveal their affection for an old movie through 1) why Orville Wright is always called Rick, and 2) the Thomas-Michelle love story. What movie?
    Answer: (One word; Starred Humphrey Bogart)

10. What is Thomas's middle name?
    Answer: (One word; His initials are TSM)

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Compiled Jun 02 14